Saturday, October 1, 2011

October horrors

So happy october first everyone. Remember when I posted linkara trailer and said that gave me an idea? Well it did and this is it the banner on the top which I drew myself. Looking at it I realized the noose is unnecessary but it was after I scanned it (thankfully I didn't ink it) and yes I could fix it but it would take to long for a one shot banner. Now I just realized you are all probably wondering what makes this "halloween horrors book reviews" since really nothing changes I would have posted reviews on monday and thursday for the whole month of october like I would do regularly so what makes this so special?

Instead of going with my gut feeling of "oh I want to read this book next" no caring about theme or anything I've been more selective in these picks the books I picked (save one) for this were specially picked with october and halloween in mind these are the books that have been on my TBR list anyway but have been pushed to the forefront for the month of october. So what are these books?here is a list of what I'm reviewing for the month of october no surprise unless stated here that it is and no dates since I don't want to be peg holed into a exact date but the day will be either monday or thursday as always

Dark moon diary

Eighth grade bites

Blood bound

Gothic sports

Orange crows

Bad taste in boys

Liesl & Po

And Two surprise reads

. So excited? I know I am

Have a fun october everyone

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