Monday, October 17, 2011

MR:Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon Review

Art: BIG eyes very off putting. The art is shonen with pretty boys besides the pretty boys the art is lacking and the eyes are just so big something is very wonky with the art but you can't tell what but its something.... C

Characters: There's a girl and some people. There is no characterization here we barely know who are protagonist is before being thrown more characters and the names are forgettable they are forgettable nothing is unique about the characters and we are given very little about them F

Story: D.U.L.L This is the most Dull confusing slow going manga ever it drags and drags and you want nothing better to do then get it done with. There is a girl who is a decedent of the moon and these monsters need her for something. This story is confusing and it gets worse by page 124 you are still utterly confused the pacing is choppy nothing makes sense and if there is a plot then it is hidden behind a story that only the author knows. The creators wrote this story in a way that they know whats going on but you and any other reader will be lost, poor transitions, lack of characterization, lack of proper knowledge of the setting, story or characters this story isn't even that. There is nothing to say because it was hard to understand girl has powers monsters need powers but the hows whys whens and wheres are thrown out the window for “oooo pretty” F

Cover:Two of our MC's the Demon boy and the girl in a “evil” star surrounded by symbols. This is an amazing and well done cover striking and eye catching the art is amazing although their eyes look wrong on closer inspection. This is a magical and amazing cover B

Rating: T for teen

Company: Tokyopop (out of business)

My rating : 1 of 5 This was a horrible story because there was no story! I forced myself though this just to review it and in the end came up with nothing. This story is NOTHING but pretty art and WHAT? I could not under stand this AT ALL and I'm sorry for the confusing review but sadly there is NOTHING to review with this this is a throw is against the wall manga.

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