Monday, October 3, 2011

MR: orange crows

Orange crows review

Art: Surprising its shonen but it doesn't look shonen kind of naruto meets Gurren Lagann its harsh and sketchy and very action oriented its not unpleasant but it's not a manga you would flip though for the artwork C

Characters: Cierra, natty and a bunch of side characters. Cirra is a witch exiled for making her own magic spell based on her mothers work she is guilt ridden and tough, natty is the shy best friend who grows up cold and hard. The characters also have wings on their lower backs this isn't explained at all and just comes off as VERY lazy character design and just plain weird. The characters are dull and forgettable basic stereotypes and clechies are played off of but nothing too outstanding while the powers are cool nothing says “remember me” F

Story: Dull! This should have been exciting a story about an exiled witch allowed to return home after five years and has to learn to adjust to all the new things that have happened in five years. This should have been excited and cool like T for teen sugar sugar rune instead we get contemporary manga with a paranormal twist. Cierra learning to adjust to the new life is rushed it is thrown at the readers in fact the whole story is we are given little time to understand the world we are in and are thrown characters and talking hats and random guys and no idea what is going on. The story then spends a chapter showing us what happened between the two friends of cierra and natty most of the story is cierra trying to rekindle a friendship with natty. There is no meat to this story it is DULL. However the last two chapters are riveting and page turning although what is going on exactly is a big fat what? Nothing to deep here folks C-

Cover: Orange back ground with the two best friends one balancing on a broom the other one on an umbrella it's striking and eye catching and screams halloween book..sadly its not but the cover does its job well C+

Rating: T for teen

Company: Tokyopop (out of buissness)

My rating : 2 of 5 Sorry this wasn't as halloween as I had hoped and not as good for the first in a line of halloween themed books (thats what I get for reading it back in the first week of september) This story was bad and dull till the last two pages then I was left feeling confused about what they were fighting about there was no world building you were just plopped into this story with no background into anything over all LAME sorry bout that promise the rest of these october specials will be better

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