Thursday, October 6, 2011

BR:Eighth grade bites

Eighth grade bites Review

(The chronicles of Vladimir Tod book one)

Characters: Vlad, Henry, Nelly, Mr. Otis. Vlad is your typical MC for a series clearly aimed at boys he is well a 13 year old guy like percy in a way only a vampire he is smart and sweet but also at the age where showing his feelings makes him a loser he also has to keep his secret. Henry is the sidekick, Nelly the parental unit and Mr. Otis the creepy teacher with a secret of his own. The characters don't really stand out much they embody the classic stereotypes of “Male MC Vampire” “Parent” etc and don't really shout individual. Vlad is a boy coming into his own as a vampire trying to pass as a human and as a vampire while not outstanding he is a lovable protagonist. C

Story: This is a story clearly aimed at 13 year old boys. It reads like an R.L Stine novel would fun, fast with just a hint of mystery or enough action to keep you wanting to continue to read. This is a quick, fun, fast novel with 16 chapters and 181 pages it is a two or three day read at most. The writing is straight forward and easy to grasp the characters are fun and stereotypical. The plot is clechie, predicable and as of now overly used but at the time this was published it was either this or twilight in the ways of “Vampires hiding from humans in a school” so it was at the high of it's game back then. While the story is fun and fast it is also predicable for anyone who has read any amount of paranormal books. Also some things were contradictory or just didn't add up, Vlad's friend knows that Vlad is a vampire yet no one in the school does? No one questioned why his PB&J wrapper has a blood like color all over it? This story is also pretty gross at times with Vlad's eating habits even for vampire fans the way he eats is more cannibal then vampire at times Vlad himself believes drinking from humans is gross which could annoy some die hard vampire fans. This story isn't for anyone clearly being aimed at the middle school set but some people may find it highly enjoyable B-

Cover: A silhouette of Vlad in a Black hoodie with hood up, Black T with the trade mark vampire smily face and jeans this cover stands out using a balance of positive and negative space however the title on the BACK and the “Chronicles of Vladimir Tod” on the side so you have to turn the book on the side to read it it irksome otherwise a nice different and iconic cover B

Rating: YA 13+

Company: Scholastic

My rating : 3 of 5 Well I did it I read the Vladimir tod book and it wasn't bad it felt a bit young for my taste and very R.L Stine and while I'm not going to continue the series due to having other books to read and I don't want it to be like with the percy jackson books where it was good but I didn't feel like I really needed to read them in the end I will however read the spinoff series with the vampire slayer. There really isn't much to say about the book it was juvinal and gross at times but fun and that sums it up

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