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Br: Lieisl and po

Liesl & po

Art: Despite this being a novel and an ARC at that there are illustrations in this book although not final (two pages were missing the art having boxes that said Art to come) the art work is sketchy and beginner like whether thats how it will be in the final or not is unknown. However out of the pages of art work that is in the book only one or two pictures looked poorly unfinished and childlike even for unfinished sketches. The rest while sketchy had a child like nostalgia and picture book look to them making them likeable and different. To the point that an art teacher would go around showing her "Drawing one" students who are working in mediums such as charcoal making similar sketchiness themselves the art work and shading and shadows and even claiming that they will learn the charcoal and water technique that is used in two pictures in the book (true story) the pictures are a welcome making the book feel nostalgic for those people who are older then the middle grade demographic reminding them of a similar time of "A series of unfortunate events

and chapter books B+

Characters: Liesl, po, bundle, the alchemist, the evil step mother, Lady premier, mo, lefty, will and a hand full of other characters. While liesl's name is confusing on to pounce it is easy to remember as is all the names in this cute amazing magical book just as it should be in MG. Liesl is a sweet trusting loveable girl who just wants to say goodby to her father, po and bundle are fun and lovely,loyal ghosts, the alchemist, evil stepmother, lady premier are horrid and despicable, Mo and lefty are so sweet and Will is such a childish boy. The characters are loveable, unique, cliche, and everything all at once you hate the bad guys love the good guys these characters remind you or all your favorite MG characters rolled up into one with a dash of fairytale magic they are who they are and no review can define them B

Story: Strange, magical, surprising, nostalgic. Liesl is a girl who befriends a ghost and goes on a journey to set her father to rest. Where to start...this story is strange in that it is not what you expect and yet you can't seem to stop reading it when you read the summery you expect an magical adventure like goosebumps or harry potter or the tree house kids or something instead your given a contemporary story with a touch of supernatural a dash of magic and a smig of something else that makes you compelled to read. The magic and surprising speaks for it's self. The nostalgia comes from the writing the writing is very much like Lemony sniket's writing very much it's funny and witty and straight forward the way the people are describe are very sniket like and if you didn't know any better you could have sworn it was written by him. This story is whimsical and magical the descriptions of the other side are mesmerizing and different and vast everything and everyone fits together in one nice story. While the story is magical and compelling and surprising it is also frustrating at times. One character could have been done with out, one character was brought up but we never know what happens to her at all and it is left that way. Another subplot is forgotten about entirely and while yes it ended nicely reminiscently of the ending of hocus pocus in some ways it also left questions that you want answered some big some small and some random. This story is a MG for all and any age even if you are way past the target audience this story will entrance you like no other. The reason for this story in the beginning of the book also gives you a different outlook and feeling about the book with out it there this story would be past up as “kid stuff” by older audiences however because it's there it makes you take a step back and see the story for what it is- a way back take that how you will B+

Cover: Stunning, gorgeous,and shiny where to start on this cover?the cover is in a story book red brown with shiny gold vines and a latch around it making it look like an old book the title is arched over the top in gold shiny lettering there is an oval with liesl, bundle, po and special box in color around that is an embossed wreath of sorts with the alchemist, lady premier, the evil stepmother, mo, will, the cat and the robins tangled with in the embossing. Unlike how it looks the oval is not a page on its own it is just on the cover. This is not only an eye catching cover but it it also one of those covers that you want to hold up to the light just to see it shine and run your fingers over the embossed characters. The pages are also cut hastily and erratic similar to the way the lemony sniket books were giving it a feel and look like an old well loved fairy tale A+

Rating: MG (11+)

Company: Harper collins

My rating : 4 of 5. I won this book from Lisa schroeder thank you (and she also added in a postcard and a bookmark!) secondly while was reading this I kept picturing mo with the voice of the door man from “curious George” cartoon (and no I do NOT watch it that show annoys me) lastly I had hard time deciding what to rate this I was going to rate it 4 starts but I kept debating between 3.5 and 4 it was certainly not a 5 star book nor was it a 3 it was a tricky book to rate but a few things made me change my mind and finally rate it 4 stars. One is the nostalgia it gave me it really reminded me of lemony sniket and when such two. The characters and one qoute and the other world and lastly the big one This book made me want to write tabatha's story I forgot what scene/quote it was but something in this book made me long for my keyboard and to write tabatha's story that is powerful writing. I should also mention this was my first Lauren Oliver novel

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