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BR: Bad taste in boys

Bad taste in boys

Characters: Kate, Aaron. Kate is a smart doctor in training she is a queen geek and comfortable in that role. Aaron is the hot jock but not in a stuck up dumb dumb he is sweet and likes a girl with brains. The characters are great but servilely lacking personality or depth they feel like the characters from scooby-doo while fun to read about there isn't much to them. While at times it can get annoying having no clear personality for the side characters or the love interested it also worked out well in some points. While kate could have been more defined as more then just the “geek girl” and given a better idea of her personality it's great to see her take charge. In most YA out side of dystopians the MC is a love struck brainless twit who spends a majority of the book ogling over a guy. This is not a dystopian however we have a MC who is taking care of business and while she is falling for a guy her love of her football team (as their nurse) and her responsibility make her stand out as plain but smart. Only nit pick is lack of personality they are so close to being realistic they are just missing a spark C

Story: Fun, funny, unique, bloody, not for the squeamish, This book is a lot of things and Carrie Harris's debut novel however if you read her blog it doesn't feel like a first book at all her writing style shows in her blog as well as in the book. The writing is quick and fun and while the same faults of lack of room detail still persist this book is one that you don't mind because it's not really important. This story was like R.L Stine and Scooby-doo and a dash of Are you afraid of the dark for good measure. It was creepy and sick but not overly gory it moved at a quick enough pas with short enough chapters (about 7 pages per chapter 24 chapters total) a fine way to keep readers focused. The writing was light and airy and funny very very funny if you weren't laughing at all then you must be a zombie because there was some good materiel in there and a few shots at twilight's expense. While fun the only nitpick is it reads like a juvenile fiction a story meant for kids and it only got the YA rating for the slight gore and lots of blood and vomit. It's a fun mindless read which could be more but isn't it's also not like you expect at all. As other reviews have said this story is on it's own in terms of how to rate this or what to even consider it except for perhaps young YA. In short it is like reading Scooby-doo with Are you afraid of the dark fun spooky mindless C

Cover: Another cover that looks better online then in person. It's not a horrible cover and in fact very unqiue for a YA a pair of lips cover in either salt, sugar, or a drug -coughcrackcough- had to make that joke sorry but while it looks amazing online in real life it seems very off the salt/sugar/substance looks pixilated but what makes it horrible is the bottom lip looks so big and so HOT PINK it is glaring while from an arms length distance it isn't bad when you bring it close up (to you know read the book since reading it at arms length would hurt your eyes or arms) its glaring and not nice the font is a nice hot pink in a kind of Malcolm in the middle horror movie font over all better online then in real life but still and eye catching cover B-

Rating: YA

Company: Random house

My rating : 3 of 5 I had to re rate this because it was a tricky one to rate it looks good with four stars but the feeling is three for sure. I had fun reading it and will read the next one just for the fun of it but this isn't a four star book for me like the new scooby doo shows fun and entertaining but no meat to the story like others have

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