Friday, October 7, 2011

50 pages or bust the replacement

50 pages or bust the replacement

Why I started it : 1. Maggie stiefvater read reviewed and blurbed it it normally I ignore blurbs from authors but maggie stiefvater is my favorite so I trust her a but more then Stephanie myer two. the hot guy in the trailer (blond with the guy liner and black hoodie) and three. The cover reminds me of the Addams family Also is seemed spooky and halloweeny

Why I stopped: It made my head hurt reading it and while it was creepy and there was mystery it wasn't enough to make me care it was dull and stupid

Could I finish?: No though I tried getting to page 81 before my head hurtting came back (it went away when I put the book down)

50 pages easy: Yes

Based on this what is it: 3 of 5 Just realized I should probably explain why I didn't like the book a bit more ne? I tried I so so tried and the headache was the final straw but the writing felt so cliché and YA... Like twilight hows that? It read like twilight like a generic YA nothing special just a generic books and I think if it weren't for the headache I would have forced myself to finish just to see what happens because it was vaguely interesting but that characters were flat very very flat so it was hard to get connected to them you know? Kind of like the huntress was only this time I knew to walk away

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