Sunday, October 23, 2011

Venice aka Venezia, Italy - Widescreen Wallpapers and More

Venice (Italian: Venezia) is one of the most interesting and lovely places in the world. This sanctuary on a lagoon is virtually the same as it was six hundred years ago, which adds to the fascinating character. Venice has decayed since its heyday and is heavily touristed (there are slightly more tourists than residents), but the romantic charm remains.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

re-rating A better look at my rating system

So it's been a year since I posted my rating system and my reasons for the ratings have changed since then so here is an updated version of my ratings this is shorter and less elaborate since lets face it a lot of the time I just go with my gut feeling about ratings

5 star- Amazing, perfect, loved it, READ THIS. Almost always recommend these books. Reasons for a 5 star rating are: Unputdown ability, love of the characters, writing style, couldn't get it out of my mind for days afterword, just plain loved it amazing quotes

4 star- Amazing but something held it back from being perfect. Recommend these books when they cross my mind or if they are really remediable. Reasons for a 4 star rating: length of a book, Predictability, It was overly used, left more questions asked after word but was still a fun read, it was a fun read but dragged in some areas

3 star- It was good but not amazing happy I tried it but wouldn't recommend it Reasons for a 3 star rating: It was good but I'm happy its over, it went to slow, to much sex, gore or a memorable squick moment that ruined it, left an uneasy feeling, it was dull, even after all mentioned there was something that made it good enough for that extra star a moment or a quote or a character that made it worth while

2 star- Bad not horrible but just plain bad would not recommend this at all. Reason for a 2 star rating: was Dull, didn't move the story along, happy it was over, boring but there is a shared of something redeemable in there

1 star - HORRIBLE would NEVER recommend this AT ALL this is the WORST book out there Reasons for a 1 star rating: Do I need to go though this? Really? Ok reasons for a one star is as fallows boring, confusing, sluggish, you want to get though it as fast a possible, gives you nothing to review, and is just plain bad nothing redeemable about this at all

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