Thursday, September 1, 2011

MR: land of the blindfolded

Land of the blindfolded

Art: Basic shojo girly very 1990's looking flashy but clean B

Characters: Kanade, arou, Kanade can see the future while arou can see the past and thats about it they don't really have much of a personality beyond their shojo stereotypes of naive dumb girl with powers and gruff stand offish boy who falls for girl -shrugs- D

Story: Wonderful idea sloppy exposition and there are two bonus manga as well that takes up the later half of the book. Kanade can see the future while arou can only see the past while this is an amazing idea not much is done with it. These two bump into each other and instead of them questioning why they have the powers they do and deciding to team up they just become fast friends and thats it there really is no plot at one point another character with ablitys shows up as a foil for arou and instead he comes off as a weird jerk who falls under kanade's naive and dumb spell rather quickly. really the story was lacking plot and well story it was just some random events with some confusing points the story was hard to keep up with and was slow waste of a potentially good story D

Cover: The back cover has nothing to do with the main story the back cover shows the bonus manga's character. So the cover shows kanade with ribbon all around here and sakura petals and arou being protective about her it's a very ok cover which blends into most manga out there and doesn't really stand out as anything special B

Rating: E for everyone (however if you read the story all you'll be asking is HOW is this E for everyone?????)

Company: CMXmanga ( DC comic's manga division shut down of course)

My rating : 2 of 5 DC comics knows nothing about manga ratings do they? I looked on the back sickened that this was a E for all sickened because I don't read that stuff since it's too well soft. In this case however the rating did not mach the content and that baffled me I kept saying “HOW is this an E for all” and flipping to the back to double check I read it right. This story is flat I didn't even read the bonus manga because I didn't care about that it was flat and dull and it was to bad because it could have been really cool

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