Monday, September 26, 2011

BR: Zane's trance

Zane's trance

Characters: Zane Zane he's insane watch as he tries to blow his brains...out....ok so the last bit didn't rhyme but that sums up zane. Zane is our messed up MC who has seizures and suicidal moments. Zane isn't the easiest MC to read about he is insane thus his out look is utterly eschew to put it bluntly reading about hanna baker from thirteen reasons why was easier to grasp then zane. Zane is insane and grieving thats really all there is to his character which is ashamed because he could have been so much more. All the side characters are spoilers in one way or another so with out naming names they were really cool and realistic vivid for some not all a few this story could have done with out but one side character really made this story less insane and gave it some balance till the near end C

Story: 10% suicide, 20% coming of age, 50% road trip and another 20% mystery thats what makes up this story a whole 100% of interesting. This story is unique in many ways first the format if you read about this book you will find out it is in verse but its not just verse it's also in script (like for a play) and in normal everyday book format and it is interwoven that way. The story starts out strong with Zane running away meeting up with some interesting characters along the way. The twist at the end and Zane's ultimate decision may ruin this book for some while for others it may seem heart warming depending on your outlook on it. Other then the twist this book is a interesting day to a two day read it does is melodramatic and crazy at some points making it an easy book to put down but due to some interesting plot points that is almost impossible to do. A quick crazy ride of a read that you either love, hated or are left at the middle ground about once over. C

Cover:The cover is unique like the story made to look like either a wall or a paper bag book cover scribbled in sharpy all over the book with “Zane's trace” curdling drawn in like you would with a sharpy with a pretty sweet drawn car in flames this cover is one of a kind unless someone tries to copy it in real life there is no other book out there like a cover like this B

Rating: YA 16+

Company: candlewick press

My rating : 3 of 5. The ending is what got me as well as the whole family history aspect got to be a little to much however I'm happy I read this and at least have no questions the rating is purely because of the way it ended as well as something else that happened that kind of ticked me off however this is a well and uniquely written story although it isn't for everyone and there is some bad words

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