Saturday, September 24, 2011

50 pages or bust Amy and Rogers epic detour

50 pages or bust

Amy and rogers epic detour

Why I started it : because it was getting amazing reviews by like everyone (slight exaggeration but a good majority) on blogger

Why I stopped: It was dull and hard to keep up who's who and whats what the prose and the way it was written in small 12 point font cramming the page made for a dull tired read my eyes also hurt starting at the words

Could I finish?: no

50 pages easy: No I made it to 25 then stopped

Based on this what is it: 3 of 5 I was hoping I could get though it Partly my fault for being distracted and wanting to draw and partly the book's fault for being so dry This is how it is normally for every three contemporary YA I read I end up only liking one for example I couldn't get though amy and Rodger but could flow though thirteen reasons why. In this case it's more about the writing style I just wasn't feeling it and had other things on my mind I also feel bad because I LOVE the cover also I know that if I just stuck to it that later on maybe in part two I'd come to some life altering quote but I just can't make it though this time around the writing was a part of me stopping but the other part is my art I've been very invested mentally into my art as of late so I'm finding it hard to focus on something like this book. I'm going to have to pass up this book more for me not being in the mood and the dull seemingly dragged out moments only 25 pages in.

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