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Wallpaper Pemandangan Danau Indah

Tenang, menyejukkan. Kesannya sih gitu kalau liat gambar di bawah ini.

Please Teacher: Mizuho Kazami Resin Statue

Please Teacher: Mizuho Kazami Resin Statue

The lovely girl measures approximately 26-inches tall and is made of polyresin. Professor Mizuho Kazami, with her undefeatable popularity, comes in 1:2.5 scale. Mizuho is snacking on her favorite chocolate, Potchy, as she stands seductively in her black lacy lingerie that feels just like the real thing. For those that like to peek, that lingerie is removable!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

ACR: The runaways vol 4 #1-6

Runaways vol 4 #1-6

Art: passable the coloring is good and as always you can't tell it's the same artist as the previous books but it is low and behold the art isn't bad but for manga fans it's not nice to look at exactly C+

Characters: Gertrude, chase, nico, molly, karolina and old lace. gertrude is sarky and sarcastic the brains of the operation and funny at times in a very dry manner, chase is less obnoxious he is brainy but one watt short of a light he is the cute kinda dumb, Nico is still the cool goth girl whom might still harbor some feelings for alex, Molly is molly, and old lace is so expressive even for a character who doesn't talk. The kids have grown so much since their first adventure getting over the loss of a member and evil parents they have grown as a family and as individuals. Chase and gertrude are now dating calling each other baby and honey B

Story: The writing is back to its former glory slightly but how you introduce a new character is important and this is not how you do it. With out giving it away their science is wrong for any of us who has watched a certain anime with 09 in the title you'll know the science is wrong. anyhow the story isn't as bad as prior stories this story give you a nice little plot twist although the introduction of the super heros of lame was a bit unnecessary but over all the introduction of the new member is a nice little twist and will give us a new view on the team and how they react in the future B

Cover: eye popingly beautiful going from bottom to top Gertrude, chase, nico, molly, karolina with old lace absent the artwork and coloring is amazing chase looks hot molly doesn't look like a child here however and you really noticed karolina and not for the hair the only other nitpick is chase doesn't have his gloves and gear at least that might be right A+

Rating: T for teen

Company: Marvel

My rating :4 of 5

Queens Blade: Airi Statue

Queens Blade: Airi 1/2.5 scale polystone Statue

Airi, the beloved and mysterious warrior from the popular Queen's Blade series, arrives from Kogei Process A+ Division as a super jumbo size 1/2.5 scale resin statue, the perfect companion piece to the TAKI Corporation's Queen's Blade Weapon's Shop Cattleya. Sculpted by HEMMP.

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Burn bright trailer

I was originally going to post something for banned book week but couldn't think of anything that I haven't already said or that seemed like I was headed into bitter anger territory so after some failed attempts at putting it into words I just decided forget about it and post a trailer instead

So burn bright pretty amazing epic trailer this trailer makes me want to read the book but since I have so many books already (plus I read the first line of the book online and I decided against it. I Love the trailer and the music I even have the song on my Ipod the imegry is perfect and eerie

In short epic trailer

To Heart 2: Nanako Scaled Figure

To Heart 2: Nanako Scaled Figure

Monday, September 26, 2011

Boyd Chaser Hakubi Figure

Boyd Chaser Hakubi Figure

Hakubi Polystone Statue 1/7 Scale

BR: Zane's trance

Zane's trance

Characters: Zane Zane he's insane watch as he tries to blow his brains...out....ok so the last bit didn't rhyme but that sums up zane. Zane is our messed up MC who has seizures and suicidal moments. Zane isn't the easiest MC to read about he is insane thus his out look is utterly eschew to put it bluntly reading about hanna baker from thirteen reasons why was easier to grasp then zane. Zane is insane and grieving thats really all there is to his character which is ashamed because he could have been so much more. All the side characters are spoilers in one way or another so with out naming names they were really cool and realistic vivid for some not all a few this story could have done with out but one side character really made this story less insane and gave it some balance till the near end C

Story: 10% suicide, 20% coming of age, 50% road trip and another 20% mystery thats what makes up this story a whole 100% of interesting. This story is unique in many ways first the format if you read about this book you will find out it is in verse but its not just verse it's also in script (like for a play) and in normal everyday book format and it is interwoven that way. The story starts out strong with Zane running away meeting up with some interesting characters along the way. The twist at the end and Zane's ultimate decision may ruin this book for some while for others it may seem heart warming depending on your outlook on it. Other then the twist this book is a interesting day to a two day read it does is melodramatic and crazy at some points making it an easy book to put down but due to some interesting plot points that is almost impossible to do. A quick crazy ride of a read that you either love, hated or are left at the middle ground about once over. C

Cover:The cover is unique like the story made to look like either a wall or a paper bag book cover scribbled in sharpy all over the book with “Zane's trace” curdling drawn in like you would with a sharpy with a pretty sweet drawn car in flames this cover is one of a kind unless someone tries to copy it in real life there is no other book out there like a cover like this B

Rating: YA 16+

Company: candlewick press

My rating : 3 of 5. The ending is what got me as well as the whole family history aspect got to be a little to much however I'm happy I read this and at least have no questions the rating is purely because of the way it ended as well as something else that happened that kind of ticked me off however this is a well and uniquely written story although it isn't for everyone and there is some bad words

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Anime Figures: Tokyo's Hottest 50 Anime Figurines

Anime Figures: Tokyo's Hottest 50 Anime Figurines

If you like your women sassy, sophisticated and synthetic, then get in line, 'cos anime figures are hot and getting hotter! The half-naked lumps of plastic that line the shelves of Japan's otaku stores ooze such sex appeal that demand and supply might as well live on different planets. That's all well and good if you're The Man, but with prices as high as a Tokyo tenth-grader's skirt, how's the "real fan" of My-Hime, ToHeart2, or even Night Shift Nurses, ever gonna get his hands on his significant other? The answer is Anime Figures-Tokyo's Hottest 50 Figurines. For much (much!) less than the price of one figure, 50 of the hottest girls to come out of Tokyo's sexiest anime productions are introduced in gorgeous, glossy full color. Some you already know--Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Mizuho Kazami from Please Teacher!--and some you're gonna wish you knew--Mizuki Tasake from Comic Party, and "bodacious bovine babe" Sanae Aizawa. Totally authentic, totally hot, this sizzling collection of PVC pin-ups is a must for every red-blooded anime fan. *Contains PVC Nudity

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50 pages or bust Amy and Rogers epic detour

50 pages or bust

Amy and rogers epic detour

Why I started it : because it was getting amazing reviews by like everyone (slight exaggeration but a good majority) on blogger

Why I stopped: It was dull and hard to keep up who's who and whats what the prose and the way it was written in small 12 point font cramming the page made for a dull tired read my eyes also hurt starting at the words

Could I finish?: no

50 pages easy: No I made it to 25 then stopped

Based on this what is it: 3 of 5 I was hoping I could get though it Partly my fault for being distracted and wanting to draw and partly the book's fault for being so dry This is how it is normally for every three contemporary YA I read I end up only liking one for example I couldn't get though amy and Rodger but could flow though thirteen reasons why. In this case it's more about the writing style I just wasn't feeling it and had other things on my mind I also feel bad because I LOVE the cover also I know that if I just stuck to it that later on maybe in part two I'd come to some life altering quote but I just can't make it though this time around the writing was a part of me stopping but the other part is my art I've been very invested mentally into my art as of late so I'm finding it hard to focus on something like this book. I'm going to have to pass up this book more for me not being in the mood and the dull seemingly dragged out moments only 25 pages in.

Street Fighter III: Excellent Model Ibuki Figure

Street Fighter III: Excellent Model Ibuki Figure

Friday, September 23, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

ACR: The runaways vol 3 #13-18

Runaways vol 3 # 13-18

Art: The art work is the same in the previous two so really nothing left to discuses by now its passable and your used to it....of course thats when they decide to change the artists mid way for two chapters then change them back again but that's for a different time C+

Characters: The characters really change in this one and grow closer as well as further apart. Nico gets her heart broken, chase gets a kiss, the kids kick butt and they grow a bit more by the end of the book they realize that they need each other and have become a kind of family. Nico has become more powerful and mature learning how to use her ability, Molly has grown up a bit still a child but can handling things, Chase is a player to the end but he grows on you and alex...he's a strategist till the end cunning and smart. These characters grow on you you feel like your part of their little family B+

Story: This story made up for lack of plot last issue but it felt to...rushed and again narm ish. There is a mole amongst the kids and they learn about their parents past's why would two people getting married know black magic? Anyway what happened and how and why they became the pride seems very...underwhelming and very out of left field as to well you read you see. But even for that narm there is enough action romance and true meaning of family to make it well worth your while as well as some extremely memorable kissing scenes and a betrayal that will blow everyones well as a camo with captain America yeah. This story ends with a The end which we all know is a lie as it didn't officially end till 2009..with a cliffhanger...but back to this story it ends well its nicely paced and you feel the tension you feel the big “omgosh something importance is going down” nothing seems out of place relativity though there is one BIG plot point that does seem out of place like it shouldn't be there but other then that no long info dialog from the parents or anything like that. A

Cover: A group shot of the kids and old lace on a MISSING tak board with the word found stamped on the picture. The cover although highly realistic and detailed is actually really amazing and eye catching although the wash out brown makes it a little to dark to see on the internet it's very well done and eye catching A

Rating: T for teen

Company: Marvel

My rating : 5 of 5. Yes you heard me 5 of 5 between the ending and the kissing and the story line even with the non manga artwork I still Really really enjoyed this very much the story line is amazing really truly amazing and the cover is wow. And I'm reading more be afraid

Shining Force Feather: Affin Action Figure

Shining Force Feather: Affin Action Figure

The theme is the flame and the image color is red. The core unit and main heroine of Shining Force Feather transforms herself into the fire bird. Alfin spreads her wings and poses, so you can better admire her cuteness. The clear parts of her bubble shorts shows the slenderness of her legs and the many ornaments are tests to the figure makers' craft. All the feathers on her wings are sculpted and painted so that it it looks soft, fluffy, but powerful. With Alfin at your side, you can take down anything.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Yuki Nagato Pink Lolita Ver. Figure

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Yuki Nagato Pink Lolita Ver. Figure

Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Nagato Yuki Lolita Ver. PVC Figure 1/7 Scale.Material: PVC. # Height approx 24cm.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Chichinoe: Young Hip Cover Gal Cassis Ver Figure

Chichinoe: Young Hip Cover Gal Cassis Ver Figure

ACR: The runaways vol 2 #7-12

Runaways vol 2 #7-12

Art: Chapters/comics 7-10 all is the same art as in the previous 6 comics however comics/chapters 11 and 12 have a gust artist takeshi miyazawa. So for the first six chapters the art work is like the first book intolerable and forgettable in fact in spots you may even find it hard to see that it is the same artwork because it looks different compared to book one even. the last two however is interesting like classic comic style with a slight manga flare the art work there is highly enjoyable. Because of the art shift between intolerable and highly enjoyable rating isn't as easy this time around B-

Characters: no Real character development from anyone this time around. Nico, Alex, chase, molly, karolina. As well as a side character but he doesn't help the characters or plot any he is more of a "we need a way to do X" kind of character a one shot a poorly done one shot. Nico and Karolina both act a little boy crazy and adolescent here up till this book they were acting really mature about everything but then we introduce character X which stirs up all kinds of unnecessary drama. The other characters fade into the background and there is a mole amongst them. While the runaways may not have gotten any real character development this round we do get a nice character development from our bad guys who want to get their children back....but are also willing to mind wipe super heroes showing the reader just how far these people will go B+

Story: Compared to book one the story isn't as good it is by no means a filler as by chapter/comic 12 it does in a sense move the story along but at the same time it was as TV tropes would call it very narm. In a comic story you can make anyone believe anything parents evil? ok sure, kids who are a witch, mutant, time traveler with a dinosaur ok why not who says that couldn't happen in this universe? Vampire.....wait what? see this is where the narm comes in and where you can't believe it anymore that is the only part of this story that makes it less then it could be It could have been put any other way that made sense the kid was working for the pride, or the kid was unknowingly chipped by the pride, or he was a spy anything but out of the blue vampire. But for that one flaw this story did meet its objective to exploit the characters emotions and show readers that they all have weaknesses and aren’t perfect while that could have gone about in a different way that didn’t seem as juvenile (seriously nico just storms out of the room) it wasn’t that bad minus the vampire while this is not the best story it is not the worst either B-

Cover:Karolina in her normal yellow shirt, blue jeans, arm warmers and human looking in the sky with thunder around her while this does look dramatic it doesn't really add to the story in anyway the inner chapter/comic covers give or take draw the reader in into wanting to read it more then the main cover does C-

Rating: T for teen

Company: Marvel

My rating : 4 of 5 while I didn't like the out of no where vampire twist the last two parts really brought the story back to base and the art work there really helped while I'm not a fan of the cover the story isn't that bad and the art is....well...yeah its not as bad as vol 9 I don't think any of the art work can be as bad as vol 9

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Demon Bane Another Blood Figure

Demon Bane Another Blood Figure

In the Demon Bane mythos, a struggling sleuth named Kurou Daijuuji gets an offer he can't refuse. Charged with the retrieval of a mysterious tome for an inordinate sum of cash, Kurou bumps into a waif named Al Azif... who turns out to be the embodiment of the book he's looking for. In quick measure, Al Azif and Kurou form a bond and the two find themselves embroiled in the midst of a battle between two factions. Al Azif has enjoyed a number of toy incarnations but the upcoming figure from Max Factory is based on the Another Blood persona from Kishin Hisho Demonbane. Scaled at 1/8 and measuring 14cm, A.B's hair is pink to match her frilly crimson attire, floppy hat, and blood-red eyes. Her pose may be likened to that of a blooming flower.

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Louise Uniform: Zero no Tsukaima Figure - La Valliere

Louise Uniform: 1/8 Scale Zero no Tsukaima Figure

Louise Françoise de la Bamue le Blanc de la Vallière, third daughter of the noble family La Vallière who owns the north-eastern territory of Tristain, is the main female character. She is a second year student at the Tristain Academy of Magic. Louise is a terrible mage who is often scorned by her fellow classmates because every spell she casts fails, so she is nicknamed "Louise the Zero" after her zero success rate and zero attributes. This has led her to be very bitter and in the way she treats her future familiar Saito to an even cruel extent.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

ACR: The runaways vol 1 #1-6

Runaways vol 1 #1-6

Art: Realistic “recess” is the only way to really describe the inside artwork(not counting the comic/chapter covers) this artwork will be a big turn off to 95% of manga readers out there for the other 5% they most likely also read comics and manga in a nice balance if you are in the 5% category then the art isn't awful but it's not fluid like Saea pichelli's artwork is it's more gritty and hard edged making it forgettable and intolerable for the 95% that might want to give something not manga style a shot it's not horribly and it is an OK starting place for manga lovers wanting to break into comics but it's not the best place to start. For the 5% its so-so it's not super realistic but it's not supper cartoony either C-

Characters: Finally! We finally see what their personality's are like (this will teach people to read the series backwards you really don't get a feel for the characters that way) Gertrude, nico, chase, molly, Karolina, Alex. Gertrude is a geek girl, nico is a goth girl who seems to like like alex, chase is a womanizer and a slacker who doesn't get along with his folks much, molly is a kid going though some changes, Karolina is a closet lesbian by the way she acts with nico and doesn't eat meat, and Alex is a RPGer. These are six kids thrown together every year by their parents by force and end up becoming each others family....despite how they feel about it. You get a real good grasp on these kids and their problems they like each other and maybe even more so but at the same time they wouldn't call each other “friends” per-say they reacted the way you expect them to react like the kids they are. Nothing is exaggerated their personality's seem more played out by their stereotypes at the moment but you at least get a feel of what those personality's are at least. These characters are in no way 100% unique open up any shonen manga with a 5 or six team and you'll see these characters and their tropes fit to a T however though they may be cliche for a manga reader this being Marvel these kids really are out of the box compared to marvel's other characters the closet these kids would come to cliche in the marvel world is Xmen but that is a long long stretch. A

Story: Later on most readers will come to this again as well if you can look past the art work there is a gem of a story underneath even if you hate the art work you have to give credit where credit is do on the story. This isn't your basic super hero story this is kids fighting their parents literally and while they might have skills to save themselves they are vastly unaware of that at this time making the fear more real. Six kids with super villain parents on the run it's pretty unique especially when it was first published back in 2003. This is like the digimon adventure of America but with out the digital monsters or other world this story is fast past and keeps you hooked even when the art work does not. It's funny scary, sad and altogether awesome. The only nitpick is that some of the information dumping done by the parents is a little to much to soon or sometimes the kids take to long deciding what to do and you just want to scream at the book “DO SOMETHING” but once they do get moving the story is fast past and intriguing children/teen characters are fun to read about in well anything because they wouldn't chose the safe route of things they will fight head on with something even if it's scary or could mean death they are unpredictable to all but the writers who know them. Another great thing about this story is that it is character driven first and foremost plot second the plot is thin purposely so the characters can make the story what it is the plot is “Parents are evil have to get away and save the world” and while some spots in the story felt familiar some how the way it was worked with wasn't that plot is thin so how will nico deal with it? And Gertrude? And chase? And molly? Alex? The way each character reacts to whats going on around them make what the story is not the other way around A

Cover: All 6 children Gertrude, nico, chase, molly, Karolina, Alex, the art work here is very well done and in fact if exaggerated a big more could pull off for a manga cover this does seem like the stero typical manga cover not comic book cover however this is the digest format the covers of each comic are in here but they are more like chapter art in manga then the covers anymore the only nitpick is gertrude looks like a boy here other then that this isn't a bad cover C

Rating: T for teen (although on the back it says ages 12+)

Company: Marvel

My rating : 4 of 5 This is going to sound bad but I'm saying it if this was a manga with the same story, characters, everything that happens but in manga style artwork it would be a 5 of 5 hands down no contest the story is AMAZING I can see why so many fans and people would be T.Oed that Brain K Vaughan's time writing this series stopped with issue 24 and even though the other writers were great this is the story that really gives you an idea who these kids are. Sadly the artwork is highly lacking like with vol 9 the artwork is intolerable and not nice to look at but the story makes you want to read more thats why this is a 4 out of 5 is the artwork

Senhime: Sengoku Rance Figure

Senhime: Sengoku Rance Figure

Sengoku Rance is the latest game in the series and was released on December 15, 2006. It is the first game to not have a number in the title, even though in-game the name "Rance VII" is displayed on the background of the title screen as well in the main map. This game takes place in a land known as "?????" (spelled that way in Japanese using fullwidth English letters), which is partially modeled on medieval Japan.

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Teletha Testarossa Shirt Ver. Figure

Full Metal Panic! Teletha Testarossa Shirt Ver. PVC Figure 1/6 Scale

Teletha Testarossa Shirt Ver. PVC Figure 1/6 Scale. Material: PVC. Height approx 145mm.

waiting on Wensday (23)

Waiting on wensday is hosted by Breaking the spine

On the night of Skye’s seventeenth birthday, she meets two enigmatic strangers. Complete opposites—like fire and ice—Asher is dark and wild, while Devin is fair and aloof. Their sudden appearance sends Skye’s life into a tailspin. She has no idea what they want, or why they seem to follow her every move—only that their presence coincides with a flurry of strange events. Soon she begins to doubt not just the identity of the two boys, but also the truth about her own past.

In the dead of a bitingly cold Colorado winter, Skye finds herself coming to terms with the impossible secret that threatens to shatter her world. Torn between Asher, who she can’t help falling for, and Devin, who she can’t stay away from, the consequences of Skye’s choice will reach further than the three of them could ever imagine.

A Beautiful Dark is the first book in a captivating trilogy by debut author Jocelyn Davies. -summery from goodreads

Although many many many comments on goodreads has spoiled what the boys are or what the book is "about" in terms of paranormal. I'm not going to do that but I will say this is not about vampires. So I'm excited for this book I admittedly passed it up at first but then I saw what is was about and I couldn't pass it up again and it does sound good this book comes out september 25 2011

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Masane Amaha Figure - Anime Series

Masane Amaha Figure

Top Cow's flagship comic series has been adapted as a new Anime Series from Gonzo! MASANE AMAHA, the Japanese wielder of the Witchblade, is brought to life as a gorgeous ARTFX Statue! Masane-chan is posed seductively with her left hand stroking her thigh and tongue licking her right, with her hair in a wild stabbing hook mode as seen in the anime. She stands over 10 inches tall, and comes on a Witchblade logo base. Both 1/6 scale pvc figures are sculpted by the masterful Shunji Hagii, who is renowned for his work on KOTOBUKIYA's STAR WARS ARTFX SERIES. Gonzo animator and lead character designer for the Witchblade series, Makoto Uno, has stated "It's perfect!" in regards to KOTOBUKIYA's rendition of Masane!

Monday, September 12, 2011

BR: orchards


Characters: Kana, her friends her family Kana is an 8th grade girl who is sent away because of the suicide of a classmate that one of her friends supposedly caused she is punished and sent to japan. All the characters are flat at times it was hard to remember who her friends were when one of there names would pop up or even what her name was. Random characters would be named out of no where random crushes and friends which really did nothing for the story. What pulled the characters down and made it unbelievable was their age they are in 8th grade 14 and yet the story reads and acts like they are in high school or 18 children pretending to be adults none of these characters act their age at all they act more like the prissy clique of high school girls then 14 year olds this is what made it hard to relate to them that and an 8th grader liking physics and planning on taking a course in a continuity college next year. This makes them unbelievable and Flat. These characters are are flat with little dimension to them after the heartbreaking “thirteen reasons why” with tangible characters and reasons these characters feel like children playing dress up F

Story: Not everyone can write a verse novel and have it come out pure prose with a coherent and enjoyable story Lisa Schroeder and Steven Herrick are two authors that can pull this off well (very well in fact) and of course there are other verse writers out there. Unlike traditional books with verse both the writing and the story have to be spot on if one fails the other will fall with it. Not so with traditional novels where you can have amazing writing but a so so story (example look at any book you have rated 4 stars). Sadly this story suffers because the writing wasn't up to par with what one would expect from verse. The writing is slow and thick like syrup it doesn't flow easily even when one of Lisa schroeders works would get murky and slow it was still a fascinating read with “Orchards” it stays slow and thick though out the book. The details about japan and japanese culture will interest any manga readers it feels rich and magical. The story it's self is a bit askew on one hand the theme is supposedly the suicide of a classmate and kana's reaction to it but if feels more like a fan girly overview of japan the suicide getting pushed to the back of the story. Japan seems to take front and center and while kana does tell the story as though she is speaking to the dead girl it doesn't feel like a suicide story. This story comes off more as a day to day happens in kana's life in japan which is fine and all but also makes for a dull read also that is not what the summery says the summery makes this sound like this is a coming of age/ suicide novel and how people deal with grief. By page 230 in this 325 page monster (for a verse novel that is) all we know is her day to day life in japan. Because of this you feel very detached from the story eager for something exciting to happen page after page of dullness. In short this story is melodramatic, dull and 27 pages to long then it should have been D

Cover: The cover is split on the top you see kana or at least her chin and mouth and her twirling her hair at the bottom you see an orange and blue so much blue but it is a pretty sky blue and while this says nothing about the story inside the cover is eye catching and pretty B

Rating: YA

Company: Random house

My rating : 3 of 5 On the note of writing I actually had to jump off my bed and grab “the day before” by Lisa Schroeder close my eyes and flip to a random page and just re read something to remind myself that yes in fact I do love verse novels....they just have to be written by Lisa Schroeder or Steven Herrick is another one I really loved but only them. What I think pushed this story is the ages the characters are in middle school they are 14.....ugh and uh? Something depressing happens and they out right state she was 14 while this isn't impossible it still raises to many questions to be reasonable in a story like this. Also in this particular story the deaths really don't seem to have a reason you don't get to know the characters enough to fell really bad about it also the story jumps to much either this is a story about family or about suicide it isn't balanced well. Also the ages threw me off also why would you want to separate a group of friends so they are each alone with out each other thus with out support (or so it would seem to them) after a suicide? Over all this book was not what I expected and I had hoped it would have been better after the amazing thirteen reasons why this book falls flat. This book leaves way to many questions here are some

Why did she kill her self?

Why were all the other girls punished?

Did kana learn anything?

Why where these girls friends in the first place?

Who is friends with 28 people in RL all in one school?

Who sends there 14 year old to a boarding school for the summer?

Doesn't a minor need a parent r guardian on a trip across the world?

To many questions and to syrupy thick you have to force your self though it writing

Maid Bride Yome Resin Statue - Sexy Statue

Maid Bride Yome Resin Statue

My goodness! Maid Bride Yome has some heavy lifting to do! From the hand of the very talented Masuo Ofude, this sexy (and almost unbelievable) Maid Bride Yome Statue is based on the classic illustration of a comic cover by Aruchu Kigetsu. Yome's cast-off parts, such as the apron and her translucent underwear, are made of quality plastic, while her body is crafted from fresh polystone that shows the natural skin color. The white apron is made from PVC and is detachable. This must-have sculpture measures 6 1/2-inches tall. Make Maid Bride Yome yours!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Completed Top Naruto Wallpaper HD 4

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