Sunday, August 28, 2011

what I did this summer -Shortened-

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  • read my first GLBT book

  • read my first, last and only book by Malinda lo

  • Read my first book by meg cabot loved it

  • I tried reading “the summer I turned pretty” series and just couldn't do it

  • started reading the first book in the percy jackson series

  • joined another giveaway for airborne again

  • joined another giveaway this time for angel burn

  • Added 9 more books to the ever growing questioning pile

  • Edited the questioning pile down to books that I really am still questioning if I want to read or not OR books I plan on adding to my TBR or currently reading pile soon

Blog related

  • Started fallowing Carrie Ryan and Kimberly derting (the body finder) 's blogs

    -started watching fantasy4evers blog

  • Gained another follower on GOTS

  • My online friend made a blog and we now watch eachother

  • Gained another follower on my blog


10 books total (counting manga)



  • added more to questioning pile going to do massive clean out and plan thing

  • my mom requested through her eyes, and catching fire for me FINALLY

  • my mom got me the second book in the angel star series

  • my mom got me a book and requested 2 books for me

  • joined a book mini challenge that holes in my brain is doing

  • added another giveaway onto my list

  • added 5 more books to my TBR list

  • bought through her eyes although it might have come from another library I bought it anyway

  • Entered Jenifer murgai's contest

  • Got lemniscate the day after I entered the contest the book it's self looks beat up here and there and dirty but inside it looks perfect

  • Donated four books to my library including “through her eyes”

  • suggested shiver, beautiful creatures, the hunger games, and a few other books to two different girls at the library

  • stopped a 12 or 13 year old from reading death note

Blog related


  • Read and reviewed “the sea of monsters”

  • read and reviewed “through her eyes”



  • I added more books to my TBR list

  • tried reading an American comic as always to much blood and gore and lame artwork

  • found the missing percy jackson book (or at least one of them)

  • The last book in the wolves of mercy falls series came out

  • Entered a giveaway for forever

  • Bought the day before, preordered forever AND preordered enshadowed the second book in the nevermore series!!!!

  • Got number 67. read all the books on my to reads list on good reads done! Now I can put more books on my TBR list since number 67 is done XD

  • I got all the john green books off my TBR list just in case I don't make it past page 50

  • impulsively requested “paper towns” from another library even though I'm not even done with “an abounderance of Katharine” and should probably take a book break soon anyway

  • Stopped the challenge and gave up on JG books

  • My mom got “Divergent” and “Enclave (razorland 1)” for the library with out my knowing!

  • Added more books to my TBR list making it a grand total of 72 books to read

  • Added three more books to my TBR pile (grand total 75 now)

Blog related

  • Realized I have 10 fallowers on GOTS


  • Read and reviewed lemniscate



  • Stopped reading airborne because it was boring

  • Stopped reading falling from grace because of the injuctice it did to angels and how boring it got

  • started doubting my book picking ablitys

  • double checked the publishers/authors/what my friends on blogger and authors said about the book to make sure it was good

  • Read and finished an American comic (runaways vol 9 #11-14)

  • Realized that AC's take me two days to read compared to manga that takes me a day then again it also has to do with when I start reading/finishing them as well

  • I Won Jenifer mugai's contest! I won Talan is going to be in the prequel! This is amazing and awesome

  • added 36 more books to my TBR list in the total month of august

  • I won a book

  • Finished all 5 of the percy jackson books

  • got a copy of Percy jackson and the Olympians book two and wrote in it a little just some only because I have to much to do to go though a whole book again I should also note I'm NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN! I did it just to get something off my bucket list and now that I have I'm not going to mark up the book anymore then the three pages I did

  • got my FIRST ARC!!! sadly it's for a book two in a I'll have to read book one first

Blog related

  • Watched a new blog called squeaky books

  • started my “short stories corner” segment on blogger or atleast planned it

the Fall (the next 4 months)

I have been all go go go go go and overdosing on comics ( a total of 16 or so) and seeing as I have enough reviews to last me the full month of september I'm going to tread lightly with reading , take a break for a week or two and go back to my two books a month and read manga as a side thing. I have 84 books on my TBR shelf That is not counting the possibility of a combined total of 63 sequels for all the book ones in my list as well as spin offs thats also not counting sequels to manga. My plan is this start finishing series I have on my list not all of them mind you for example I can't finish nevermore, enclave, or timeless due to when they are released. But I hope to have (counting manga) at least 5 series finished before December. I'm also planing on being as creative this semester as ever and if everything goes as planned (haha) this is my loosey goosey plan for the next few months (in no real monthly order)

Poison diares1 and 2 (want to read book two before it comes out)

Chronicles of narnia books 1,3,6

King of thorn 2-6

13 to life 2 and 3

Silence (hush hush book 3)

Caster chronicles 2 and 3

the pledge

The scorpio races

Graffiti moon

saving june

winter towns

These are the books (see above)I want to focus on for the last four months I'm hoping to squeeze in

Five flavors of DUMB”



13 reasons why”


Saltwater vampires

the unwanteds


anna dressed in blood

witch and wizard the manga

library wars book 6

and a few others in before the year is up but if I can't then there is always the next year -nods-

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