Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Short story conner

Short story conner is a segment I made up and might switch out to on Wednesdays when I get my one waiting on wensday done so I may or may not keep this one. So what this is is a mini review of three or so short stories from different books no cover picture only because Idk how to get three cover pictures on one post so with out further ado

The short story corner

Main book: Hear them roar

Short story: virgin territory

by: Patrick Thomas

total pages: 10

Overview: I couldn't finish but what I got from it is it's a sexual/action fairy story with a dragon if I wasn't against fey and if the sexual innuendos weren't so blunt I think I would have liked this better

Cover: I like the cover some kind of snow leopard lady and animal next to her all action packed and looking for a fight

Rating: M for Mature

Company:Marrietta publishing

My rating: 3 of 5 even though I didn't finish

Main book: Nightcaps: Celebrating 10 years of murphy's lore

Short story: Graveyard angel stone cold

by: Patrick Thomas

total pages: 5

Overview: Epic! This story was the best out of the three it was hauntingly similar to Fearless in some ways the character was an interesting mythological creature and it was all really fun and awesome and quick

Cover: Sadly the cover isn't that great it looks like a cross between a photo and a photoshopped paining really amatureish

Rating: OT for older teens

Company: Padwolf publishing

My rating: 5 of 5 only complaint is I didn't get more insight as to what she actually is

Main book: Murphy's lore:Tales from bulfiche's pub

Short story: Blood brother

by:Patrick Thomas

total pages: 8

Overview: So looking this over I might have jump the gun and this might have not been a short story as it does continue on to the next chapter/story. However this story is intense and fast past with a good story line about a vampire and a homosexual one at that from the very first page it brings you right in and doesn't let you go the characters are awesome vampires, a human, a girl and greek gods so yeah lukes dad is in this epic

Cover: a rainbow coming out of a shotglass very fitting for what this story is about

Rating: OT for older teen

Company: Padwolf publishing

My rating: 5 of 5 I liked this part of the story and remember when I tried reading this before skipping just to this part because of wrist cutting and vampires just twisted enough to keep you entertained with out going to the gore or overly sexual fest

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