Thursday, August 25, 2011

MR: Nightschool: the weirn books

Nightschool: the weirn books

Art: The artwork is fantastic from the author of dramacon while it is very much manga the author herself is from canada so that is saying something the art is fluid and consistent while it's not easily labeled it is a little bit of everything with an American flare that shows it's not 100% authentic manga but could still hold it's own very comedic, shojo, and a little something extra that makes it really stand out A+

Characters: Alex is out heroin sadly we don't know much about her she lives with her sister and is home schooled we don't get a feel for her personality. While the art is fantastic the characters aren't so much this is more the stories fault then the characters though. We are given at least 21 characters in the course of a 193 page book we are given No characteristics or insight into who these characters really are leaving the readers possibly highly confused D

Story: As stated it's the stories fault more then the characters that we the readers don't know what is going on. We are made to guess though out the book what is going on we as readers are given seven plot points and possible subplots. There is a school for creatures of the night alex's sister works there, Alex herself doesn't want to enroll in this school for some unknown reason we are vaguely introduced to all this elven pages in and before we can even process the who's whats when's wheres and why's we are given another slew of characters and story line. For three pages we are introduced to a teacher and a gang of hunters who are they what do they hunt and are they a part of this school are never answered because we then go back to the school then back to the teacher who went somewhere to meet a girl who could be alice cullen's anime ganger in looks and visions. It flips back and forth between the school, alex, and the hunters so much that it is impossible to get an understanding of what this story is suppose to be about. You can easily get lost by this story and the only reason you would want to keep reading is the artwork. While this story was confusing it did have a good although overly used idea about creatures of the night going to school, a witch, a hot vampire and some hunters if the story knew where it wanted to go (is it a coming of age story for alex? A action vampire tale? A contemporary supernatural? A mystery?) it could have been really amazing and better then the 193 pages of “What is going on?!?!” that we get D-

Cover: The cover is defiantly eye catching with a spell caster circle in blood are beautiful heroin alex with her shadow familiar around her and a panel of the city behind her this cover is eye catching and for fans of svetlana chmakova a breath of fresh air to see her still doing manga B+

Rating: T for teen

Company: Yen press

My rating : 4 of 5. I liked it but I can't say why since I really didn't understand it! I was confused the whole time while reading it but I loved the art work and the characters but couldn't understand the story line at all needless to say I won't be finishing this series anytime soon but I will be on the look out for more work by svetlana chmakova since I love her art

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