Thursday, August 18, 2011

MR: Amazing agent luna

Amazing agent luna

Art: The artwork is very classic anime/manga style almost similar to “the record of a fallen vampire” in that it is very recognizable as a 1999/2000 anime style and very comforting to see it again. The guys are cute but not hot the girls are cute with pintchable cheeks everything balances out A

Characters: Luna, von brucken, jonah, oliver,Elizabeth, Francesca. Luna is a test tube baby like kyle from kyle XY she is a spy and has never had an real social interaction with real kids her own age she is navie in many normal social aspects but man can she kick butt as a spy. Vo brucken is the bad guy, Jonah is his bishi of a son, Oliver is the davis from digimon cool dude, Elizabeth is the mean girl and Francesca is ion from naruto no kidding look at her hair when it's up its ion! Over all these characters are cookie cuter stereotypes with no deeper personality or attributes which is a shame with a story as good as this. B-

Story: Luna is a spy/government agent/test tube baby who's next mission is set at a high school! This story seems familiar some how yet stands on its own it would be nice to have a little more background on the who's whats when's wheres and why's but this is an over all fun quick read meant more for entertainment value then a deep rooted story. This story is shallow but fun with action or mystery or laughs on each page with dabs of drama just to keep you entertained. Luna in high school is fun to watch as she navigates her way though socially while the heel face turn of francesca isn't really clear as to why and she and oliver seem more 2D cookie cutter characters luna really shines as something different B-

Cover: Luna looking all happy with a top secret folder in her arms in a school uniform. Nothing about this cover screams unique it is very bland and generic shojo iesc C

Rating: Teen

Company: Seven seas

My rating : 4 of 5. This story was fun and enjoyed it it was also nice reading a manga after so much AC the only problem with this one is that there really isn't much meat to the story and even though its fun it's fun in a shallow way that makes it hard to review correctly

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