Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Yoko Figure

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Yoko 1/5 Scale Figure

Creator's Collection: Chie & Bath Unit Set Figure

Creator's Collection: Chie & Bath Unit Set 1/6 Scale Figure

Sexy Anime - Creator's Collection Chie & Bath Unit Set 1/6 Scale Figure

Creator's Collection Chie & Bath Unit Set 1/6 Scale Figure: The Very Beautiful & sexy Chie figure is on FULL display here. She comes with a limited release included Bathtub. This bath tub is made of Polystone and can hold water to display her taking a bath. She also comes with a pillow to display her without the tub. or she can be display without either. This item with included tub is very hard to find in the US. Buy it here to save on shipping from Japan.

Monday, August 29, 2011

MR: King of thorn

King of thorn review

Art: Outstanding! The art is sharp like a shoene style very much like naruto or one piece it's fitting for this story of dark and eery tone A

Characters: While you don't get much personality from the characters past their stereotypes these characters are still fun and mysterious even the heroin Kasumi is mysterious we only know that she loved her sister very much, she is shy and a bit of a scarey cat, and she is where she is because her sister wanted her to be. Normally not knowing the characters personality's would be annoying but in this case it works towards their stereotypes and strengths. These characters are just as in the dark about each other as the readers are about them they play off of each other well enough that you don't care that you don't really know them or why you like/hate them so much one guy a fat politician is well annoying and you hate him because he is pushy and acts like a brat we get that though his actions and that how we know the characters and it works very well A

Story: 160 people go into a deep freeze sleep till a cure for the infection called “ the medusa virus” is found. The next thing they know they are woken up to thorns and animals and out of the 160 you only know that 6 make it out alive and now they have to trust each other if they want to live long enough to find out what happened. On the back this manga is labeled “action” which is correct but this is more then action this is sci-fi, mystery, dystopian, and psychological thriller all rolled into one nice manga. The sci-fi, action and dystopian are obvius but the mystery and psychological part not so much. There are many mystery weaved throughout the book what is this illness? Is it cured? Who are these people? What happened? What are those monsters? and the list keeps getting bigger from there this is like lord of the flies in manga forum it's dark and gritty and while dark the gore isn't splashed on every page and the launguge isn't as bad as some YA novels (one F-bomb) as the story goes on who they can trust and who might die gets harder to know. The book keeps you on your toes from not knowing what characters true motives are to being as left in the dark as they are really makes you feel like your apart of the story and you have to see what happens next. A+

Cover: Creepy and awesome. with kasumi on the front hugging herself looking scared or questioning, the mysterious tattoo man behind her and a monster behind him. the colors of dark offish purple and pink really add to the creepy factor of this cover and at the angle kasumi is at she looks cute like a mouse or bunny A

Rating: OT for older teens

Company: Tokyopop (out of business)

My rating : 5 of 5 I originally had a longer review but my email kicked me off and the draft thing didn't save it so I had to re write it from memory 5 hours later so it doesn't sound as authentic as when my feelings are fresh from finishing it sorry. Over all I couldn't find anything wrong with this book even all the issues are published and out and my library system has them all so I can't complain there like I was going to. This is a great manga for dystopian fans or fans of the “put X amount of people in X situation and see how they cope” fans

Sunday, August 28, 2011

what I did this summer -Shortened-

You can find the full entry here



  • read my first GLBT book

  • read my first, last and only book by Malinda lo

  • Read my first book by meg cabot loved it

  • I tried reading “the summer I turned pretty” series and just couldn't do it

  • started reading the first book in the percy jackson series

  • joined another giveaway for airborne again

  • joined another giveaway this time for angel burn

  • Added 9 more books to the ever growing questioning pile

  • Edited the questioning pile down to books that I really am still questioning if I want to read or not OR books I plan on adding to my TBR or currently reading pile soon

Blog related

  • Started fallowing Carrie Ryan and Kimberly derting (the body finder) 's blogs

    -started watching fantasy4evers blog

  • Gained another follower on GOTS

  • My online friend made a blog and we now watch eachother

  • Gained another follower on my blog


10 books total (counting manga)



  • added more to questioning pile going to do massive clean out and plan thing

  • my mom requested through her eyes, and catching fire for me FINALLY

  • my mom got me the second book in the angel star series

  • my mom got me a book and requested 2 books for me

  • joined a book mini challenge that holes in my brain is doing

  • added another giveaway onto my list

  • added 5 more books to my TBR list

  • bought through her eyes although it might have come from another library I bought it anyway

  • Entered Jenifer murgai's contest

  • Got lemniscate the day after I entered the contest the book it's self looks beat up here and there and dirty but inside it looks perfect

  • Donated four books to my library including “through her eyes”

  • suggested shiver, beautiful creatures, the hunger games, and a few other books to two different girls at the library

  • stopped a 12 or 13 year old from reading death note

Blog related


  • Read and reviewed “the sea of monsters”

  • read and reviewed “through her eyes”



  • I added more books to my TBR list

  • tried reading an American comic as always to much blood and gore and lame artwork

  • found the missing percy jackson book (or at least one of them)

  • The last book in the wolves of mercy falls series came out

  • Entered a giveaway for forever

  • Bought the day before, preordered forever AND preordered enshadowed the second book in the nevermore series!!!!

  • Got number 67. read all the books on my to reads list on good reads done! Now I can put more books on my TBR list since number 67 is done XD

  • I got all the john green books off my TBR list just in case I don't make it past page 50

  • impulsively requested “paper towns” from another library even though I'm not even done with “an abounderance of Katharine” and should probably take a book break soon anyway

  • Stopped the challenge and gave up on JG books

  • My mom got “Divergent” and “Enclave (razorland 1)” for the library with out my knowing!

  • Added more books to my TBR list making it a grand total of 72 books to read

  • Added three more books to my TBR pile (grand total 75 now)

Blog related

  • Realized I have 10 fallowers on GOTS


  • Read and reviewed lemniscate



  • Stopped reading airborne because it was boring

  • Stopped reading falling from grace because of the injuctice it did to angels and how boring it got

  • started doubting my book picking ablitys

  • double checked the publishers/authors/what my friends on blogger and authors said about the book to make sure it was good

  • Read and finished an American comic (runaways vol 9 #11-14)

  • Realized that AC's take me two days to read compared to manga that takes me a day then again it also has to do with when I start reading/finishing them as well

  • I Won Jenifer mugai's contest! I won Talan is going to be in the prequel! This is amazing and awesome

  • added 36 more books to my TBR list in the total month of august

  • I won a book

  • Finished all 5 of the percy jackson books

  • got a copy of Percy jackson and the Olympians book two and wrote in it a little just some only because I have to much to do to go though a whole book again I should also note I'm NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN! I did it just to get something off my bucket list and now that I have I'm not going to mark up the book anymore then the three pages I did

  • got my FIRST ARC!!! sadly it's for a book two in a series...so I'll have to read book one first

Blog related

  • Watched a new blog called squeaky books

  • started my “short stories corner” segment on blogger or atleast planned it

the Fall (the next 4 months)

I have been all go go go go go and overdosing on comics ( a total of 16 or so) and seeing as I have enough reviews to last me the full month of september I'm going to tread lightly with reading , take a break for a week or two and go back to my two books a month and read manga as a side thing. I have 84 books on my TBR shelf That is not counting the possibility of a combined total of 63 sequels for all the book ones in my list as well as spin offs thats also not counting sequels to manga. My plan is this start finishing series I have on my list not all of them mind you for example I can't finish nevermore, enclave, or timeless due to when they are released. But I hope to have (counting manga) at least 5 series finished before December. I'm also planing on being as creative this semester as ever and if everything goes as planned (haha) this is my loosey goosey plan for the next few months (in no real monthly order)

Poison diares1 and 2 (want to read book two before it comes out)

Chronicles of narnia books 1,3,6

King of thorn 2-6

13 to life 2 and 3

Silence (hush hush book 3)

Caster chronicles 2 and 3

the pledge

The scorpio races

Graffiti moon

saving june

winter towns

These are the books (see above)I want to focus on for the last four months I'm hoping to squeeze in

Five flavors of DUMB”



13 reasons why”


Saltwater vampires

the unwanteds


anna dressed in blood

witch and wizard the manga

library wars book 6

and a few others in before the year is up but if I can't then there is always the next year -nods-

Saturday, August 27, 2011

50 pages or bust: Half human

50 pages or bust

Why I started it : it sounded interesting I've always had a love of half human characters having a few myself Damian being my favorite of the half breeds

Why I stopped: because it was juvenile and meant for children which if done right is fun but this wasn't it was to high in morals and not enough in content or not logical enough even for a paranormal/fantasy/supernatural story

Could I finish?: possibly not all the authors were bad but they just weren't for me I couldn't see my self caring enough for the other stories to want to countinue

50 pages easy: no stopped at page 48 I got close though

Based on this what is it: 3 of 5 and most is not all the stories would have been a three of five

Thursday, August 25, 2011

MR: Nightschool: the weirn books

Nightschool: the weirn books

Art: The artwork is fantastic from the author of dramacon while it is very much manga the author herself is from canada so that is saying something the art is fluid and consistent while it's not easily labeled it is a little bit of everything with an American flare that shows it's not 100% authentic manga but could still hold it's own very comedic, shojo, and a little something extra that makes it really stand out A+

Characters: Alex is out heroin sadly we don't know much about her she lives with her sister and is home schooled we don't get a feel for her personality. While the art is fantastic the characters aren't so much this is more the stories fault then the characters though. We are given at least 21 characters in the course of a 193 page book we are given No characteristics or insight into who these characters really are leaving the readers possibly highly confused D

Story: As stated it's the stories fault more then the characters that we the readers don't know what is going on. We are made to guess though out the book what is going on we as readers are given seven plot points and possible subplots. There is a school for creatures of the night alex's sister works there, Alex herself doesn't want to enroll in this school for some unknown reason we are vaguely introduced to all this elven pages in and before we can even process the who's whats when's wheres and why's we are given another slew of characters and story line. For three pages we are introduced to a teacher and a gang of hunters who are they what do they hunt and are they a part of this school are never answered because we then go back to the school then back to the teacher who went somewhere to meet a girl who could be alice cullen's anime ganger in looks and visions. It flips back and forth between the school, alex, and the hunters so much that it is impossible to get an understanding of what this story is suppose to be about. You can easily get lost by this story and the only reason you would want to keep reading is the artwork. While this story was confusing it did have a good although overly used idea about creatures of the night going to school, a witch, a hot vampire and some hunters if the story knew where it wanted to go (is it a coming of age story for alex? A action vampire tale? A contemporary supernatural? A mystery?) it could have been really amazing and better then the 193 pages of “What is going on?!?!” that we get D-

Cover: The cover is defiantly eye catching with a spell caster circle in blood are beautiful heroin alex with her shadow familiar around her and a panel of the city behind her this cover is eye catching and for fans of svetlana chmakova a breath of fresh air to see her still doing manga B+

Rating: T for teen

Company: Yen press

My rating : 4 of 5. I liked it but I can't say why since I really didn't understand it! I was confused the whole time while reading it but I loved the art work and the characters but couldn't understand the story line at all needless to say I won't be finishing this series anytime soon but I will be on the look out for more work by svetlana chmakova since I love her art

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Short story conner

Short story conner is a segment I made up and might switch out to on Wednesdays when I get my one waiting on wensday done so I may or may not keep this one. So what this is is a mini review of three or so short stories from different books no cover picture only because Idk how to get three cover pictures on one post so with out further ado

The short story corner

Main book: Hear them roar

Short story: virgin territory

by: Patrick Thomas

total pages: 10

Overview: I couldn't finish but what I got from it is it's a sexual/action fairy story with a dragon if I wasn't against fey and if the sexual innuendos weren't so blunt I think I would have liked this better

Cover: I like the cover some kind of snow leopard lady and animal next to her all action packed and looking for a fight

Rating: M for Mature

Company:Marrietta publishing

My rating: 3 of 5 even though I didn't finish

Main book: Nightcaps: Celebrating 10 years of murphy's lore

Short story: Graveyard angel stone cold

by: Patrick Thomas

total pages: 5

Overview: Epic! This story was the best out of the three it was hauntingly similar to Fearless in some ways the character was an interesting mythological creature and it was all really fun and awesome and quick

Cover: Sadly the cover isn't that great it looks like a cross between a photo and a photoshopped paining really amatureish

Rating: OT for older teens

Company: Padwolf publishing

My rating: 5 of 5 only complaint is I didn't get more insight as to what she actually is

Main book: Murphy's lore:Tales from bulfiche's pub

Short story: Blood brother

by:Patrick Thomas

total pages: 8

Overview: So looking this over I might have jump the gun and this might have not been a short story as it does continue on to the next chapter/story. However this story is intense and fast past with a good story line about a vampire and a homosexual one at that from the very first page it brings you right in and doesn't let you go the characters are awesome vampires, a human, a girl and greek gods so yeah lukes dad is in this epic

Cover: a rainbow coming out of a shotglass very fitting for what this story is about

Rating: OT for older teen

Company: Padwolf publishing

My rating: 5 of 5 I liked this part of the story and remember when I tried reading this before skipping just to this part because of wrist cutting and vampires just twisted enough to keep you entertained with out going to the gore or overly sexual fest

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Completed Naruto Episodes English

Top Naruto Wallpaper HD

Monday, August 22, 2011

ACR:My dead girlfriend

Note: becuse the artwork isn't in traditional manga style I am not counting this as a manga I'm counting it as a comic

My dead girlfriend

Art: despite being from tokyopop this is not a manga or in manga style the art work is blocky like a mix between Invader zim and danny phantom very cartoony and blocking and thick lined but even so it's clean and unique in comics it has enough cartoony style that it's easy on the eyes. Like a manga this comic is in black and white which just adds to the gothic, grim look of it. A+

Characters: Finney, jenny, and a cast of characters that would turn monster high on it's head. Finney is a Goth boy with a bleak outlook on life but with a last name like bleak and having half your family dead and being bullied who wouldn't have a bleak out look on life? Finney is fresh and new he's sarcastic and funny and finds joy in strange things he is like the “What if danny from danny phantom was goth” and this is your answer. Jenny is a sweet loving girl who makes an instant connection with finney. Finney's classmates and family are also fun and interesting with a family of ghosts and three sisters. His classmates are monsters literally Finney has been dropped in a mix between monster high and a demon school from an anime. The secondary characters are the classic monsters and they fall to the bully stereotype but thats what makes them so fun. A

Story: Finney bleak is your average goth boy in a school full of monsters he has nightmares about death and a bleak outlook on life till he meets jenny but in the family of bleak well happily ever after is all what you make of it. This story is fast past and fun the pages just fly by. This story is for those of us who like darker stories with out the gore like JTHM for younger teens who want twisted and fun but not necessary blood or gore the characters really make this story shine Finney is your stereotypical Goth doesn't see much of a future because were all going to die anyway, gets bullied a lot, and maybe has a death wish that of course he really doesn't want to come true after all. He meets this girl jenny and they really hit it off their relationship is sweet and jenny isn't who you think she is at first. This story is just plan out fun for those of us who are getting sick of the light and fluffy and goody goody here's some noir fluffy for you all. This story is also very funny with lines this is laugh out loud invader zim funny. The story ends on a cliffhanger that sadly won't be out any time soon this story was published in 2006 it's been 5 years and no book two but even for that little nit pick there is nothing wrong with this story at it's core it is similar to danny phantom if danny phantom went goth and were a comic book A+

Cover: Dark, gothic, sexy! We have finney in a graveyard with his pet and possibly death in the background looming over him. This cover sticks out from all the other tokyopop books with light and fluffy covers with bright pastel colors the colors heres are gray, off gray, green gray, black, and purple the cover really screams goth and dark and almost tim Burton A+

Rating: T for teen

Company: Tokyopop (out of business)

My rating : 5 of 5 I loved this story it was fast past and before I knew it it was over! When I was reading Finney's voice sounded like danny from danny phantom I think he looks a lot like a goth danny phantom don't you? My only nitpick is it never finished! We are left hanging forever vol 2 does not exist either because tokyopop knew it was going out of business and never picked it up or something like that. I love this story it's dark and fun and funny and the best part? A POCKY AD IN THE BACK! No other manga/comic has a pocky ad it makes me laugh. Also I guess there were promotional trading cards to this sadly they are probably really rare now. Sorry about the lame review it's not that there is nothing about this to review it's just the story is so straight forward and you can't review it properly with out spoilers and such.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

TheUpperFloor - Aug 19, 2011 - Nerine Mechanique and Krysta Kaos bdsm hoods

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HARDTIED Aug 17, 2011 - Lavender Rayne (PICS, HD) florida womens bdsm

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Sarah Palin - Mission Accomplished

Karl Rove is predicting that Sarah Palin will run. I'm not convinced that she will, but that's besides the point. She quit on Alaska to become a very well paid talking head with a lot of star appeal...  Read more:   Palingates

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