Friday, July 22, 2011

stand by sunday on a Friday night

Currently reading: Enclave

On page: 8

Notes: Originally I was going to read the book plain kate however I found it more MG/ Younger YA then what I was looking for and instead of dealing with another book I'd think I'd regret finishing I picked up enclave instead

On hold: Lemniscate, airborne, falling from grace

Coming soon: none

So what I've been thinking is this I have three books that are mine on my TBR pile next to my bed, I have two challenges and two books each on the challenges. So I'm going to take out one book from the library and read one book from the side of my bed and then break and repeat till no more books on the side of my bed

Also after reading Enclave I'm taking a small break I've read five or so books in a row with maybe one or two days break after enclave I think I'll need another break and gather my thoughts before diving in again

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