Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MR: Twin spica

Twin spica

Art: breathtakingly fantastic this art will make you cry it's so lovely very reminiscent of 1990's style art but it was surprising to find that it was made in 2010 very recently the art work is amazing A+

Characters: asumi is a 14 year old who looks like a 8 year old she wants to be an astronaut. asumi is adorable and innocent growing up with out a mom she is the one who cooks and cleans for her father and is always upbeat. she is unique its rare to find a character like her in most manga shes more focused on her dream then a boy and she isn't emo. the side characters are also interesting although they are a dime a dozen you could pick up any manga and find similar characters


Story: Asunmi wants to be an astronaut this is her story about just that the first 4 chapters are about her meeting the other characters and a test the other side stories are filler and background at the same time. this story is very engaging and unique but cerent aspects you can pick out of any amount of story and find it felt familiar in a way but you don't notice that till after your finished. friendship, determination thats the root of this story and it shows the positives are the solid story telling even if the story isn't really all that striking the negatives are that it's hard to put into words what makes this story so out there and one of a kind B+

Cover: wow now this is eye catching with asunmi in a read jacket holding the twin spectra stars looking like a child of the 90's very striking and eye catching soft and light not really giving anything away but the amazing art work A

Rating: YA

Company: vertical inc

My rating : 5 of 5 just for the solid art alone and the fact that it brought tears to my eyes though I couldn't tell you why really the story was sweet but hard to review the artwork outstanding but I just can't place why this is such an amazing story (Also this review was written at the library in email format and someone was reading their child a story in the back messing with my contraction) so yes

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