Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MR: The dead boy detectives

The dead boy detectives

Art: the art seems almost juvenile despite the cool cover at times it felt like looking at something you would get from an artist alley instead of a professionally published artist the art of death was pretty though B

Characters: Charles and Edwin (?) are two dead boy detectives and there are some girls there really is no character development character one is like character two nothing is to defining they are just flat F

Story: manga like art work and a mystery this is going to be so….oh…this story is lame the mystery it’s self was good right up to the end which made no sense the story was weak with nothing to keep you wanting to read after they figure it out this is not like clamp school detectives at all the story was about a missing girl it fell flat with plots that went no where and art work that was horrendous at best C

Cover: A girl looking though a magnifying glass wit the ghost boys and a picture saying “camo from death” near the bottom in retrospect the artwork here is great and in water color which is rare in manga covers. However a good cover does not save it from being a flop B

Rating: YA

Company: vertigo

My rating : 2 of 5 this was one of the worst manga I have ever read it was sloppy and weak and dumb also the writing was almost illegible in some areas and art work ghastly unless you’re a fan of amarican artist trying to mimic manga then this isn’t for you I would recommend Drama con if you are looking for a manga that isn’t made in japan but still pulls it off well enough

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