Monday, July 11, 2011

MR: Brody's ghost

Brody's ghost

Art: American artist and company but highly japanese manga influence. There is also sketches and notes in the back clearly showing how influenced his art style is. The art is amazing the little details in the backgrounds and characters are mind blowing and everything is drawn by the artist so thats saying something. The art helps make these characters shine. You would be crazy to not want to pick up another one of his manga's the art work is so one of a kind A

Characters: Brody, talia. Brody is a very unusual manga hero he's not annoying, load mouth but he's not a hot bod smooth talker. He is a beer belly guy who really has no look other then scruffy he let his life go down hill because of a girl he can see ghosts and is miserable. Talia is a cool dead punk chick she is plotting and the usual setotypical “there” girl meaning the girl who is there to help our hero along but at this time has no distinct personality other then a little sarcastic and charming. For some reason these characters are interesting and you want to read more just to see them and the amazing art work B

Story: Brody is a down on his luck scuzzy guy who has been wasting his life away since a break up with his girlfriend. One day while making money on the street he meets a ghost or rather a ghost meets him talia is a ghost girl who needs help getting into heaven and she needs brody's help to do it. This is most likely the shortest manga in history clocking in at 89 pages with three pages of notes and sketches . This story is defiantly boarder lining on the Y in YA you can see a 13 year old boy pick this up and read it. The pace is pitiable its not action packed and fast but it's short enough that it can't be “slow” but there is no real hook to keep the reader reading other then the art work. The premise for the story is brilliant and amazing but the execution needs work either more action or more banter between brody and talia maybe would have spiced things up C

Cover: The font for the title is cool you have brody holding a....something in a blue tarted shirt and green ripped pants with talia just kind of a floating upper torso with the city in the back this cover doesn't wow you really in any way the colors are nice and the font is nice but there is no “Read me” factor in this cover C

Rating: YA (more on the young side of YA like 13 or so)

Company: Dark horse

My rating : 4 of 5. I enjoyed the art very much and the sketches in the back even more. Who knew that the art style was inspired by death note ne? I love talia as a character though I think I like her style more then the character her self. This was a short manga which is the only thing compelling me to read it there was no grab no interest in why the characters were doing what they were doing the art was great the book was short that was about the only hook I had

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