Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Came sooner rather then later

couldn't find a good picture so no picture sorry
The two things that are coming sooner rather then later are
-the summer reading event
-change in schedule

I knew as soon as I got my fall semester schedule that things were going to change and that thursday reviewing was going to be impossible to say the least ( having no way of knowing when I would be home even though my class ends at 1:15 doesn't mean I'll be home at an early time) anyway thats still to come like a defiant plan.
Meanwhile I'm shifting from helping at the library in Tuesday and fridays to thursday and fridays
for the rest of july into the first two weeks of august so

From july 7th till august 12th (this means july 7,8, 14,15, 21,22, 28,29 and august 4,5 ,11,12) there will be no reviews or posts of any kind on those days on this blog however I might update on my other blog CF thats always been a willy nilly blog so thats why the update is here incase you are wondering (I normally hate posting updates like this here but really this update only effects this blog)

So until then I will be posting reviews on Mondays and Wednesdays till the August 13th
This means trailer posts will be Tuesdays and sundays or Tuesdays and Saturdays for now

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