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BR:The titans curse

The titan's curse

Characters: Thalia, bianca, zoe, nico, grover, percy. Like how Grover was absent for most of book two annabeth is absent for most of book three. Percy is older now but is still making the same mistakes as the other three books and no big personality change although he may be looking at annabeth as more then a friend. Thalia is a star here she is smart, sarcastic, quick witted, a fantastic fighter and of course a rebel in punk clothing. She proves herself to be a fighter among fighters and can take almost anyone we are also introduced to two new half bloods Bianca and nico although we don't know much about them and Zoe a girl older then she looks with the speech to prove it. Over all the characters were so so even Thalia faltered in the end no one showed any character growth in three books which is quite a waste really B

Story: Rick riordan is a talented writer no doubt about it however his story of percy and co seems to be falling flat. The story starts off in the mist of finding some new half bloods this should be exciting and information grabbing but instead it is lack luster although “guess the bad guy” is always fun. We only learn the kid's ages and of course looks you don't get to really know them they are stock characters that should be important but are pushed to the way side. Made worse by the same “we have to save” tactic which if used well could have been exciting a kidnapped goddess? This should be action packed and fel urgent but by placing one of the MC's in the same situation you lose what could have been a good story and instead it's only rehashing the same formula as book two. The myths that were thrown in were done haphazardly for those of us who have never read these myths it can be overwhelming and confusing compared to the prior books where the myths were explained lightly or there was a chance you read about them in grade school or highschool.

The new characters were also thrown in to quickly not giving the reader enough time to get used to them and instead going “ ugh MORE characters?” made even worse by bianca's actions and the fact that we learn nothing of their parents till the last chapter and even then how the MC's knew this is baffling to say the least C

Cover: Percy on his black pesguses being rapped in veins this scene happens ten chapters into the story however this isn't a bad cover nice use of blues and silhouettes very eye chatching just like the other two B

Rating: younger side of YA

Company: Hyperion paperbacks for children

My rating : 3 of 5. I loved thalia...till the last scene she was in made me go 0_0 NO! And kind of made everything she was before seem like a waste. I also kept thinking the huntresses outfits looked like this for some reason though I don't know why because that seems like the LAST thing a huntress would wear seeing as they are not for men. Also it is highly appernet that my character Talan is look wise inspired by luke slightly while reading I kept picturing talan's look and hair instead of luke's which isn't a good thing. Over all this one is highly lack luster it was boring and dull Thalia's return should have been epic and cool even if this book didn't exactly pick up where book two left off as readers we should at leas have gotten some mini back story like her and annabeth reuioning her reaction to luke's betrayal what she remember etc instead she is just thrown back into the story because Mr. riordan needed another big three half blood. Also Bianca annoyed me to no end we only know her for less then 21 pages and she does something stupid Bianca and nico could have been so much more and used for so much more also nico could have been older just saying. I'm still going to finish this series though I could very well drop it I'm going to countiue since there are only two books left however I think Mr. Riordan is losing his touch a tad with this one

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