Thursday, July 28, 2011

BR: enclave

Enclave review

Characters: Deuce, fade, the enclave, stalker, Deuce is as strong as katniss she has lived her life on two things one to be a huntress and two survival deuce is brave, strong, smart, yet at the same time she is also naive and stubborn. Fade is mysterious trusting almost no one from the enclave except duce like gale in many ways he too finds flaws in the enclaves system. These characters are almost mirror images of a rougher more deadly katniss and gale from the looks to the personality in a sense however unlike katniss you don't click with deuce right away but slowly which makes it interesting B

Story: Enclave is a fabulous, heart pounding, thrilling, action packed novel. This novel is also broken up into two parts which seems to be the standered in dystopian/sci-fi it seems. Part one is interging giving us a look into deuce's world which is a striking contrast to now in 2011 or even katnisses world. In enclave no one lives past 25 underground they never say the S word but instead call it breeding and breeders, instead of mother and father it's dam (like damsel) and sire (like how one vampire makes another the one who made the other is the sire) waste closet instead of bathroom ect. The world it's self is dark and dangerous this part reads like a maximum ride novel even fade's name and personality sounds like fang part one sets the stage and asks some questions that you really really really want answered. Then part two rolls around. Reading about Deuce interaction with topside (not a spoiler since it was in the trailer) is like watching a child learn something new its fun and keeps your attention as well as funny since as readers in the year 2011 we know a lot about what deuce is learning (like about shops and words and such) part two plays out like mockingjay in many ways however this is where the story starts to fall apart. We get introduced to two new characters who's only purpose is to add to deuce's character growth and add a not needed at all love triangle. Some things come into question like how do the people use the word “breeder” since you would guess people living topside would use a different word. Also there was more telling then showing and no questions from part one get answered at all which is a real disappointment B

Cover: Shiny! With deuces daggers and a freaks claw hand on the side this cover is in your face I AM HERE kind of cover giving it a dark and forbidding feeling A

Rating: YA older teen side 16+

Company: Feiwel & Friends

My rating : 4 of 5 I loved parts of this book but other parts got to me like why we were given questions and plot points that lead to no where also the telling rather then showing was the biggest disappointment and I found it hard to grasp part two more then part one the ending while a good cliffhanger left it to open ended despite the fact that there is more books it should have ended better

I keep wondering what happens when the girl or guy breeder isn't in the “mood” or something since yeah I loved this book and can't wait for book two I LOVE FADE I am so team fade and I kinda see a love triangle but not really you know? Like you know it's suppose to be there and you kind of see it but in a way you know fade and deuce is suppose to be together so the love triangle is kinda pointless. Despite this review taking longer then it should to write. Also there were better ways to have part two happen like a freak attack or like something that was mentioned in part one being the reason this got annoying but I can't wait for book two

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