Saturday, July 23, 2011

50 pages or bust plain kate

Why I started it : Because I liked the cover and there were some amazing reviews about it

Why I stopped: plain kate is just that it's to plain and boring

Could I finish?: no

50 pages easy: eh I got to page 50 at least

Based on this what is it: 3 of 5 stars

Really though part of me wishes I kept going after the cat started talking but I think I could guess how it would go pure fantasy isn't for me as much anymore unless it's a disney movie I like paranormal because I can picture it well. this I didn't understand that much but who knows maybe after I read all the books on my to reads list maybe I'll go back to this (I keep saying the same thing about the Mercy Tompson books too >> ) Also I read holes in my brain's review of it which is where I got the "it starts to MG" thing from. Over all I regret that I had other books I wanted to dive into when I picked this and didn't give it the chance it deserved however I learned from reading huntress that if by page 50 I want to keep reading but am not engrossed in the book to put it down no matter what becuse it will make room for other books in the end

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