Sunday, July 31, 2011

trailer of Lemniscate

Trailer of Lemniscate

Did it draw me in: No and compared to the other trailer this one is horrible its slow, you can't read it, and it just feels off

What is the best part about this trailer:

Does it make me want to read the book:
no I actually wanted to read the book because I already read and loved number one but if I was going off of just this trailer no I wouldn't want to read it or even know what it was about

Does the book stack up:
The book is better then the trailer. With Angel star the book and trailer were even both brilliant and amazing but with lemniscate the book beats the trailer ten fold

Saturday, July 30, 2011

50 pages or bust Twenty boy summer

50 pages or bust

Why I started it : For a challenge

Why I stopped: It was too depressing and slow and predicable

Could I finish?: no

50 pages easy: no stopped at page 34 I would have gone to page 50 but asked myself why would I force myself to suffer another minute

Based on this what is it: 3 of 5

Yeah cont books are not for me it seems how I know this? I couldn't get to page 50 in this book in two three hours I picked up one of the books by my bed side which was a paranormal romance and got to page 101 before bed I think that speaks for its self

Friday, July 29, 2011

BR:The titans curse

The titan's curse

Characters: Thalia, bianca, zoe, nico, grover, percy. Like how Grover was absent for most of book two annabeth is absent for most of book three. Percy is older now but is still making the same mistakes as the other three books and no big personality change although he may be looking at annabeth as more then a friend. Thalia is a star here she is smart, sarcastic, quick witted, a fantastic fighter and of course a rebel in punk clothing. She proves herself to be a fighter among fighters and can take almost anyone we are also introduced to two new half bloods Bianca and nico although we don't know much about them and Zoe a girl older then she looks with the speech to prove it. Over all the characters were so so even Thalia faltered in the end no one showed any character growth in three books which is quite a waste really B

Story: Rick riordan is a talented writer no doubt about it however his story of percy and co seems to be falling flat. The story starts off in the mist of finding some new half bloods this should be exciting and information grabbing but instead it is lack luster although “guess the bad guy” is always fun. We only learn the kid's ages and of course looks you don't get to really know them they are stock characters that should be important but are pushed to the way side. Made worse by the same “we have to save” tactic which if used well could have been exciting a kidnapped goddess? This should be action packed and fel urgent but by placing one of the MC's in the same situation you lose what could have been a good story and instead it's only rehashing the same formula as book two. The myths that were thrown in were done haphazardly for those of us who have never read these myths it can be overwhelming and confusing compared to the prior books where the myths were explained lightly or there was a chance you read about them in grade school or highschool.

The new characters were also thrown in to quickly not giving the reader enough time to get used to them and instead going “ ugh MORE characters?” made even worse by bianca's actions and the fact that we learn nothing of their parents till the last chapter and even then how the MC's knew this is baffling to say the least C

Cover: Percy on his black pesguses being rapped in veins this scene happens ten chapters into the story however this isn't a bad cover nice use of blues and silhouettes very eye chatching just like the other two B

Rating: younger side of YA

Company: Hyperion paperbacks for children

My rating : 3 of 5. I loved thalia...till the last scene she was in made me go 0_0 NO! And kind of made everything she was before seem like a waste. I also kept thinking the huntresses outfits looked like this for some reason though I don't know why because that seems like the LAST thing a huntress would wear seeing as they are not for men. Also it is highly appernet that my character Talan is look wise inspired by luke slightly while reading I kept picturing talan's look and hair instead of luke's which isn't a good thing. Over all this one is highly lack luster it was boring and dull Thalia's return should have been epic and cool even if this book didn't exactly pick up where book two left off as readers we should at leas have gotten some mini back story like her and annabeth reuioning her reaction to luke's betrayal what she remember etc instead she is just thrown back into the story because Mr. riordan needed another big three half blood. Also Bianca annoyed me to no end we only know her for less then 21 pages and she does something stupid Bianca and nico could have been so much more and used for so much more also nico could have been older just saying. I'm still going to finish this series though I could very well drop it I'm going to countiue since there are only two books left however I think Mr. Riordan is losing his touch a tad with this one

Thursday, July 28, 2011

BR: enclave

Enclave review

Characters: Deuce, fade, the enclave, stalker, Deuce is as strong as katniss she has lived her life on two things one to be a huntress and two survival deuce is brave, strong, smart, yet at the same time she is also naive and stubborn. Fade is mysterious trusting almost no one from the enclave except duce like gale in many ways he too finds flaws in the enclaves system. These characters are almost mirror images of a rougher more deadly katniss and gale from the looks to the personality in a sense however unlike katniss you don't click with deuce right away but slowly which makes it interesting B

Story: Enclave is a fabulous, heart pounding, thrilling, action packed novel. This novel is also broken up into two parts which seems to be the standered in dystopian/sci-fi it seems. Part one is interging giving us a look into deuce's world which is a striking contrast to now in 2011 or even katnisses world. In enclave no one lives past 25 underground they never say the S word but instead call it breeding and breeders, instead of mother and father it's dam (like damsel) and sire (like how one vampire makes another the one who made the other is the sire) waste closet instead of bathroom ect. The world it's self is dark and dangerous this part reads like a maximum ride novel even fade's name and personality sounds like fang part one sets the stage and asks some questions that you really really really want answered. Then part two rolls around. Reading about Deuce interaction with topside (not a spoiler since it was in the trailer) is like watching a child learn something new its fun and keeps your attention as well as funny since as readers in the year 2011 we know a lot about what deuce is learning (like about shops and words and such) part two plays out like mockingjay in many ways however this is where the story starts to fall apart. We get introduced to two new characters who's only purpose is to add to deuce's character growth and add a not needed at all love triangle. Some things come into question like how do the people use the word “breeder” since you would guess people living topside would use a different word. Also there was more telling then showing and no questions from part one get answered at all which is a real disappointment B

Cover: Shiny! With deuces daggers and a freaks claw hand on the side this cover is in your face I AM HERE kind of cover giving it a dark and forbidding feeling A

Rating: YA older teen side 16+

Company: Feiwel & Friends

My rating : 4 of 5 I loved parts of this book but other parts got to me like why we were given questions and plot points that lead to no where also the telling rather then showing was the biggest disappointment and I found it hard to grasp part two more then part one the ending while a good cliffhanger left it to open ended despite the fact that there is more books it should have ended better

I keep wondering what happens when the girl or guy breeder isn't in the “mood” or something since yeah I loved this book and can't wait for book two I LOVE FADE I am so team fade and I kinda see a love triangle but not really you know? Like you know it's suppose to be there and you kind of see it but in a way you know fade and deuce is suppose to be together so the love triangle is kinda pointless. Despite this review taking longer then it should to write. Also there were better ways to have part two happen like a freak attack or like something that was mentioned in part one being the reason this got annoying but I can't wait for book two

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Trailer of Enclave

Did it draw me in: Yes

What is the best part about this trailer: How much it was like a movie trailer rather then a book trailer and there was even blood 0o the way she says tribe is awesome and the way she said darkness like she yearned for more was cool too

Does it make me want to read the book: Yes when I first saw the trailer it was after I had decided to read the book anyway then I decided against it after a few 2 and three star reviews but now I'm back to wanting to read it

Does the book stack up: Very very much so

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MR: The dead boy detectives

The dead boy detectives

Art: the art seems almost juvenile despite the cool cover at times it felt like looking at something you would get from an artist alley instead of a professionally published artist the art of death was pretty though B

Characters: Charles and Edwin (?) are two dead boy detectives and there are some girls there really is no character development character one is like character two nothing is to defining they are just flat F

Story: manga like art work and a mystery this is going to be so….oh…this story is lame the mystery it’s self was good right up to the end which made no sense the story was weak with nothing to keep you wanting to read after they figure it out this is not like clamp school detectives at all the story was about a missing girl it fell flat with plots that went no where and art work that was horrendous at best C

Cover: A girl looking though a magnifying glass wit the ghost boys and a picture saying “camo from death” near the bottom in retrospect the artwork here is great and in water color which is rare in manga covers. However a good cover does not save it from being a flop B

Rating: YA

Company: vertigo

My rating : 2 of 5 this was one of the worst manga I have ever read it was sloppy and weak and dumb also the writing was almost illegible in some areas and art work ghastly unless you’re a fan of amarican artist trying to mimic manga then this isn’t for you I would recommend Drama con if you are looking for a manga that isn’t made in japan but still pulls it off well enough

Monday, July 25, 2011

BR:the girl who was on fire

The girl who caught fire review

Like the book its self this review is not going to be my normal review since there is no story or characters I can't review whats not there Smart pop does books like “new dawn” and the books that provide eassays by well known authors about a series and gives insight to why people like it and maybe some things you didn't think of the first time around. Point is this will be the pro's of the book and the cons the what made it good and what made it bad as well as my review for the cover and my overall rating like normal

Pros: The topics are engaging, it is a quick book page wise it is only 210 pages long, It's a good book for people who have trouble writing essays because what better way to write an essay then to read and evaluate an essay that is 1. written by 13 well known YA authors and 2. on a topic people will enjoy if they have read the books, one essay talks about being famous and blogs and facebook and about how every time we check our status on face book or comments on blogger (ok ad libbed there) that you want to be famous and you lose the real you how you put a mask on for the people of the internet give them what you think they want to see by what they say instead of showing the real you, This is a very thought provoking book from politics to fashion to science to decadence.

Cons: This is a slow slow read it isn't your usual book this is a book of essays so of course this will be slow (good for plane rides however), despite the engaging topics not all the essays are engaging this has a lot to do with which author is writing what some authors have a more interesting writing style then others for example Jennifer lyan barns' essay was slow and you were very much aware you were reading it page by page however Mary borsellino is engaging in both writing and topic, It can get dull and to much like reading a school topic although they sprinkle qoutes and names and the book names here and there in some of the essay's it can get very dry and is easy to put down, some of the heavery stuff science and the heavy political talk can get to be a bit much

Cover: a gold arrow shaft stuck in the book with smoke billowing off it the font reminiscent of the very series it is going to go in depth with this is a fantastic cover eye catching for the fans of the games we know the symbol of an arrow well enough and subtle enough as if to say “this isn't a continuation of the book I'm just here to get you thinking still” A

Rating: NA this really doesn't need a rating however since it is about a YA book series and there may be a bad word here or there YA

Company: Smartpop

My rating : 4 of 5This is a must read if you finished mockingjay you HAVE to read it. Although some of it may seem rehashed because well it goes over the obvious points in the books this makes you think and hopefully my pro's and con's did it justice because there is no proper way to review a book like this. This book also brought back the same twisting emotions mockingjay left me with. The mention of gales name and his past deeds it was like hearing your ex boyfriend is doing great and has a new girl and its only been 4 months and your still not over it yet its like that all over again with gale and my feelings towards the character. you will be very surprised if you know me in RL to hear me say I love the smart pop books although this is only the second one I've read. The reason this would be surprising is because 1. this is a book of essays and pure essays thus 2. it's non fiction in a sense at least the heart of the topics are non fiction. I hate writing essays as much as I (normally) hate reading them give me a quiz on a book I read any book I was an ace in that but give me lined paper and a pen and tell me to write an eassy and well you can guess how well essays and right brain's go right? But despite that I like the in depth look at themes in twilight or the hunger games. I liked the one about twilight a bit more only because it had to deal with romance which I understand better then politics. I like seeing other peoples opinions on things obviously seeing as I'm a book reviewer and read other peoples reviews which are of course there opinions on a book this is no different only in essays instead of a formatted review. This book makes you think and maybe it makes you think about stuff you don't want to your political position perhaps? I can vote but I don't this book makes me feel a tad guilty about that but unlike katniss I don't understand politics at all it goes over my head like a well shot arrow to me its gibberish like my two years learning spanish it just doesn't stick. Another essay in the book that hit home for me was the self indulgent part.

This one made me think....that I'm a horrible person when I get food from the cafeteria and they give me to much or that I want an expensive doll made in china (A Doll zone Ball joint doll).

Getting back on topic is was a slow some times unbearable sometimes enjoyable all around thought provoking read that every hunger game fan should look for (also for me if you like the essay check out the books that these authors have done to me this is like a sneak peek of there writing style it's self)

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