Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Manaka De Ikuno - Tamaki Red Version Statue

Manaka De Ikuno - Tamaki Red Version Statue

Tamaki is decked out in red samurai armor. While the previous incarnations have brought you Tamaki as a sweet girl, evil seductress, and even a bikini-clad swimmer, she now comes prepared for battle, costumed in a unique mixture of traditional Japanese warrior armor and a bikini. As a fierce but sexy fighter, the girl's strong personality and sweet feminine side combine in an explosion of bishoujo beauty! Tamaki's iconic red hue is featured prominently on her hair and skimpy armor, while the different parts of her costume are sculpted in unique ways to realistically express their differing materials. And while she may have a stunning smile on her face, Tamaki comes equipped with a huge samurai sword at the ready! This Tamaki Statue stands 8 1/2-inches tall (1:8 scale) on a specially designed display base.

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