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BR:Through her eyes

Through her eyes


Characters: Tansy, tate, Bethal ann, Tansy was annoying all while reading the story you don't get a feel for her character she loves her grandpa, photography and her grandfathers old hats. We don't really see much of her personality something about her was irksome but you can't place why. Tate was just “the guy” character and really had about as much personality and reasoning as gabe from “Anxious hearts” Bethal ann is an odd ball and the side kick character who really shouldn't be there yet she fits in perfectly with the characters in a strange way. Overall the characters are just ok there's something annoying and irksome about them but you can't place why no one is really fleshed out by anything other then their emotions towards something tansy is paranoid, bethal ann is annoying tate is frustrated ect C

Story: This is not a ghost story. First and for most it isn't although that is how it's played out This is a Commentary story with a very little supernatural twist but the story is dominated by family and not fitting in. Thats what all 374 pages is about not fitting in. Tansy is constantly complaining about how all the other students are against her and such and who can she trust. When in reality she only knows them by there out of school personality you know the load mouth jerk the gossip girls and not really trying to fit in till the last chapter three months later. Her grandfather is also sick and could be dying is another thing they keep bringing up but really going no where with other then “maybe it was henrys ghost” doing it. This is NOT a horror story nor is it a ghost mystery this is more a psycological mystery with hints of time travel perhaps. The mystery of henry and is it henry's ghost? Did he commit suicide? was very intriguing. This story moves slow the prolog draws you in and then leaves you hanging you wait for it to pick up but it doesn't this is not a fast pase action mystery this is a slow docile moving Commp book which can be very frustrating if you aren't expecting it. This is one of those books you want to hate but something keeps dragging you back C

Cover: A white girl (tansy?) with really green eyes almost no nose powder pink lips and dark dark eye makeup on and a purple background this cover is haunting and pretty and eye catching although it could give some people virago if you stare at the font to long which has a movement filter around the edges so it feels like its sucking you in or bulging out B

Rating: YA

Company: Harper collins

My rating : 3 of 5 I couldn't place this one for the longest time till I flipped the last page. even then as you noticed I changed it from a 4 star to a 3 star rating this story just baffles me. This story frustrated me I wanted a ghost story mystery NOT a slow dragging realistic family tale. Also the explnation was so left filed and not what I wanted to hear the characters annoyed me to no end and I...I could in some way connect to tansy even if I couldn't I could related to the basic fundamental problem she was having of “I'm the out cast” although she didn't try to go out of her way to make friends which is where the connection crashes and burns. Over all I should hate this book I should hate that I spent $20 instead of waiting to get it from a library maybe. But I don't and I really don't know why. Now will I keep my copy? Idk I might I might not Idk how it will look on my bookshelf XD

This was a hard review to write because I really don't know how I feel about it on one had I kept going back and I kept reading more on the other hand it was slow and frustrating but I'm happy I read it

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