Wednesday, January 12, 2011

waiting on wednesday (14)

Hush hush 3

No title or picture but there is a summery

The Hush, Hush series has captivated readers with the story of Nora Grey, her friend Vee, and a mysterious fallen archangel named Patch. In the gripping conclusion of the trilogy, Nora finds that as things start to unravel around her, she is more drawn to the enigmatic Patch. She soon discovers that the answers lie closer to home than she realized, and it is time for her to take control of her destiny once and for all. -Summery from good reads (Very subjective to change between now and the time of release)

Hush hush # 3? -dances around the room- I haven't even read two yet and I'm still ecstatic about hush hush three! More patch! Yay! October 18th 2011 the good news is I have plenty of books (and hush hush # 2) to keep me ocupide while I wait for three to come out of course this went on my TBR list

So that was it with w.o.w like I have no more To be released books or material to write about doesn't mean w.o.w is dead now just means I have to come up with a new plan
speaking of plans and such: link the schedule for this blog and when reviews will be up now noticed I don't have dates? that because I know when I might get a book (Wensday or friday) doesn't mean I'll finish it in six days or in this case seven so no predetermined dates I'll finish the book when I finish the book

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