Monday, January 31, 2011

this entry is about a book, a trip, an anime, some dolls, among other things

I use So to much when starting a sentence. See the picture? Yeah from this thursday till February 12/13 I'll be on a Hiatus of sorts as I said in CF and DA I'll be MIA for the week
now this doesn't mean a thing really just not as many updates though if you noticed I haven't really had any reviews for you all anyway. Hoping to change that.

Currently reading: "Kiss me deadly 13 tales of paranormal romance"
Stuck on: Page 66, story: the spirit jar, I'm struggling to get though this one hence the lag

Coming soon/waiting to be read: Crescendo by Becca fitzpartick

Estimated finishing time: two weeks for Kiss me deadly three days for Crescendo

Currently watching: Princess tutu 13/26

Estimated finishing time: N/A Though I'm guessing some time after next week since my internet time will be shorter on all next week I'll see how much I can watch these next few days

Currently working on: six pictures, School work, and possibly a story, Kiss me deadly review, Cleaning my room

Still have to write: + anima Analyses, and Top 5 lists, Princess tutu review,

So yeah The still have to write stuff isn't getting done soon, but now you see what I'm dealing with? Be patient with me please I'll read and watch as soon and as fast as possible but I can't sit and watch 14 episodes of an anime in a row with out a break and I can't sit and force myself though a book with out a break either both these things will take time but they WILL get done
princess tutu will be finished before the end of February and Kiss me will be read before march

With that I'll see you all in a week!

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