Sunday, January 9, 2011

MR:Someday's dreamers

Somedays dreamers review

Art: So amazingly exquisite the art is recommencement of Digimon , Neon geniuses Evangelin, or myazaki like the art is smooth and shojo light and fluffy and sharp. Its indescribable A

Characters: Yume is a magic user, she is painfully shy and hates males. She is 17 but looks younger it's refreshing that she is not head over heels for a guy and she is just trying to find herself and enjoys making people happy at this short four chapter story there is nothing else that gives her a personality as of yet B

Story: “A cross between harry potter and sailor moon” not quite yume is a magic user in training and this is her coming of age story. A short four chapter, 2 book coming of age story its sweet and soft and very different there is nothing questionable or crazy. B

Cover: Amazing better then the art work in the book. Defently has a myzaki meets water color feel A+

Rating: T for teen

Company: tokyo pop

My rating : 4 of 5 originally I wanted “Someday's dreamers: spell bounded” because that one had romance and magic but I still enjoyed this one though that does beg the question os “is spellbound out there somewhere?” but yes over all great manga I would highly recommendet it to anyone of the 12-19 crowd maybe even 10 year olds

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