Monday, January 24, 2011

MR:Kimi no todoke: From me to you

Kimi no todoke: From me to you


Art: straight cut and dry shojo a little bit sketchy here and there but in a good way nothing is out of place, good editing and use of screen tones and even one or two nice scenes that really bring the story to life. B

Characters: sawako and kazehaya. Sawako is the award girl who looks like she popped out of "The ring" but that is far from it she is shy and lacks friends but starts to gain some confidence later on. Kazehaya is the guy that motivates sawako laid back goofy, friends with everyone. these two characters bounce off each other so well despite that there characteristics are not that unique in a shojo. they do make a really nice couple and it is fun to see sawako gain friends and interact with kazehaya. B

Story: Sawako is the akward girl; who popped out of "The ring" slowly gaining confidence with the help of Kazehaya making new friends and getting out of her lonely comfort zone. the story is fun and entertaining as the reader sees sawako transform into a still award girl with friends the story is really campy and very sweet and well known but it has its own twist. B

Cover:very bubble gum pop pastel colors of the two main characters very nice and uniquely colored even if the pose isn't all that great/original. The cover is flashy in a contemporary first crush sweet way not load but not soft A

Rating: T for teen

Company: Shojo beat

My rating :4 of 5. I was originally going to read this manga as part of a challenge thing but decided to give up on the challenge but finish reading anyway it was a good manga to past the time with and the art really was magnificent in some areas but the manga didn't grab me like +anima does I do read some manga with no paranormal in it but those vary and depend on the story and art work this just wasn't one of those manga

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