Wednesday, January 5, 2011

MR:Daniel X

Daniel X

Art: Clean. Oh thank you! After Twilight manga it may have been hard for yen to redeem it's self in some readers eyes however this manga does. The art is smooth and clean cut not shonen or shojo just art drawn by a guy who knows art and manga well. No nitpicks nothing is wrong with the art in fact just the opposite it should be praised on some pages nothing is photoshopped or done poorly. Line with changes when need be but its not jarring the screen tones are done well and everything fits the story A+

Characters: Daniel X, his friends, and aliens. There's no right word to really describe them. The aliens are bad (most of the time) with nothing deeper then that depending on their roll, Daniel's friends well are “special” lets say side cast with out being side cast but with big personality's. Then there is our protagonist Daniel. He is everything but angst: strong, hot, awesome, great, smart, funny the list goes on he isn't sterotypical and yes he has those moments of sadness but not to the point of emo despair. The characters are fun qourkiy, unique, awesome, and loveable A

Story: Reading this one cold turkey makes it more exciting and at the same time more confusing however that could also be because some readers (-cough-) might confuse this story with the pendragon series (>_>) but thats besides the point. What makes it more exciting is that unlike maximum ride manga or twilight manga the reader can't judge or point out flaws in the story line if there was any its a fresh story and fresh scifi, the downside about not knowing the original materiel first Daniel's ability to create things that are real, really work, breath, eat even but can disappear and reaper with a thought. To some Christian/catholic readers again this could be seen as playing God and be..unsettling. However that factor is explained and even though the physicalness of his creations is still a little unsettling it's not as bad and is accepted. So on to how is the story? Fantastic? Brilliant? Geronimo? Um wait sorry on that last bit. The story is something else it is amazing and great if not a little disturbing at times. Danial is an alien who is an alien hunter with a pretty cool ability and a little black book he is revenging the deaths of his parents and finishing their work on earth taking down baddies one day at a time. Everything clicks and is finished all in this one book so no messy cliffhangers though there is an endless ending thing going on in a way. A

Cover: Daniel looking all awesome summoning chadori/resenguin/ka-ma-ha-ma-ha of awesomeness! But in all seriousness the cover is awesome with daniel using his power and its all blue and pretty B

Rating: T for teen

Company: Yen press

My rating : 5 of 5 really? Do I need to explain? -sigh- ok, The book was awesome really I could not find any big flaw other then his ability but considering it is sort of explained and possibly more so in the book I can't call that a flaw on the manga's part since it might have been mentioned in the original work about how what he creates can eat food and hold physical objects and such. I just really enjoyed this manga

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