Friday, January 7, 2011

MR: Her majesty's dog

Her majesty's dog


Art: Worst editing job EVER both pages 42 and 147 have words that go out of their bubble page 147 is the worst with an “I” hitting the panel above it and “should” within the gutter disgraceful. As for the artwork itself, soft shojo eyes and flawless to stay the least really refreashing after you read something like “goong” or worse B-

Characters: Amane and hyoue. Amane is ditzy and naïve but also strong, confident and brave, her ablitys seems like that of that girl from that one ep of xxxHolic. Hyoue is obnoxious annoying but also sweet and loyal in a bad boy way A

Story: smiler to nightmare inspector the stories are one story or event per chapter that is a story on its own. The story is so utterly disturbing epically for animal lovers to the point that it ranks up there with ep 14 of shiki and most of code geass. Over all the stories are enlightening and even have morals in them but then are thrown out the door later B

Cover: Nitpick is his hair should be silver. The cover is very sexy with handcuffs, a crown, and him in a protective “mine” hug C

Rating: OT for older Teen

Company: Go! Comi

My rating : 4 of 5

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