Monday, January 3, 2011

MR: Goong

Goong review

Art:The exaggerated expressions are jarring hideous and kills the art at best. The art is either shinen or unclassified with a huge inspiration of realism the lines are hard and stoic and this style is not for everyone D-

Characters: unreliable the main girl is indescribable she is not cool or smart or even average she just is. The prince is a jerk a class A jerk (read the back of the book for a better word) they are so stiff because there is nothing likeable about any of the characters F

Story: “ And it was over before I knew it” That defines this story so well this story is no fourth wall drama. It's not romantic, its not any genre at all though possibly historical drama but thats a big stretch. The story drags and drags and drags with the only plot being “the prince is engaged to this girl” THAT WAS IT! With no likeable characters the story couldn't hold it's own F

Cover:The two main characters looking from a doorway at the reader. This one could be worse the cover is neither boring but nor is it interesting bad nor good just is C-

Rating: T for teen

Company: Yen press

My rating : 1 of 5. I admit I feel only slightly guilty about asking for this one for christmas since I utterly hated it. However this wouldn't be the first time I put a book I disliked to the library so maybe it can get better use and this wasn't the only manga I received so one out of five manga that I disliked isn't all that bad

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