Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mr: Fallen vampire

Fallen vampire

Art: The artwork feels like this is an anime in BW not a manga but thats also why they can pull it off so well. The art work screams anime potential. Big loveable eyes, no editing problem and an art style that you can't quite pin point as to what it is other then “anime” A+

Characters: King Akabara there are other characters but the characterization is non existence and yet people can still sympathize with the characters and feel their pain and fear. Akabara is looking for his vampire queen who has been sealed up some where. The characters come off as two dimensional however its hard to not like them B

Story: This story is complex seeing as it takes place in no one time when it starts a thousand years have past but when chapter three rolls around 50 years have past. A Vampire king is looking for his sealed vampire queen. This story is all about the action and fight scenes though they do give you background stories throughout the three chapters. Similar to “Shiki” the reader will not know whether to root for the vampires or the dhampires and humans. The story is more action then substance a little girl we meet in chapter two reapers in chapter three and has been with the main character for 50 years. And yet it's believable some how. There is no padding, fillers, or “how did that happen” stories this is all time skip and disbelief B

Cover: aww he looks so sad! But the cover shows us just what kind of art work we are getting here. Big eyes blue hair and he is a vampire A

Rating: T for teen

Company: Viz media

My rating : 4 of 5 I was really undeceive about this one idk why that rarely happens I just had mixed feelings about it I did love it but didn't know what to rate it

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