Thursday, January 6, 2011

MR: Dengeki Daisy

Dengeki Daisy vol one


Art: This manga is by the creator of beast master the artwork in beast master is one of a kind and brilliant. So of course not only does that artwork flow into here it brings a whole new level to it. This art work evoked emotion is so detailed. A+

Characters: Teru and Kurosaki, and “Daisy”. Teru is an orphan her parents and brother are dead but she is anything but emo she is strong and a do good type person. Her brother left her a phone that will contact her to this mysterious person called daisy and thats all that can be said about daisy with out spoiling it. Kurosaki is the school janitor who smokes and slacks off as well as harassing teru. Both Teru and Kurosaki are Stereotypical and yet not. Teru only cries once in this book and for a good reason. Kurosaki is hard and gruff but he has a horrible secret. Both characters are well done B

Story: Basic shojo plot but with a twist. This story invokes emotion most shojo has one or two pictures within it that really stand out DD has seven. The story is about a girl [Teru] who breaks a window then has to work for the school janitor[kurosaki] to pay it off. Though out a lot of dangerous and saddening mishaps the two become close...sort of. This story is fast pasted with characters people love to hate and hate to admit they love. Nothing is cliché though there is a lot of yelling at the book because of the irony of knowing who “Daisy” is very very early on. One little nit pick is reading the same text twice once when Teru sends it and a second time when daisy receives it. Once should be enough right?


Cover: Another one of those color mishaps but eh. Kurosaki and Teru. The art work is stunning and coloring fantastic A

Rating: T+ for older teens

Company: Shojo beat

My rating : 5 of 5 this manga made me CRY no manga other then I think some sand chronicles has done that so this deserves a 5 of 5

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