Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Siren Review

Characters: Vanessa, Simon, Paige,Betty,Caleb, Justine etc there are a good amount of characters in this book but nothing is to confusing. Vanessa our main character isn't like other characters she is a scardy cat and many readers might identify with her in a lot of ways. Justine is her sister who may not be as perfect as she appears. Simon and caleb are brothers and the “Guys” of this story you know the BF and possible BF characters. Simon is the brainy one whlie caleb is the “other” one, Paige and betty are some colorful characters. Nothing about these characters says dull and each character is very unique in YA A

Story: This story starts out slow to the point where you wounder whats the point but if you keep at it you won't be disappointed. This is mythology and mystery all in one and although the mystery is easy to solve more pop up. Then they get solved and one lingering one remains. It goes at a nice pace but there was some confusion at one part however that doesn't ruin the story at all. Its fast past and not cliche nor predictable near the end and leaves the reader guessing whats going to go on next. The only nitpick would be it started off to slow. Thats it B

Cover: Shiny eyes. In the right light the eyes go from rainbow till silver. The cover is haunting and magical with the aqua hair and silver cutting font. This cover is one of a kind and flashy perfect for sirens A+

Rating: Young adult

Company: Egmount

My rating : 4 of 5 Another one where I was unsure of the rating while reading it and even after I was done I wanted to give it a 5 star rating but that didn't look right at all for some reason. I related to V in a lot of ways mainly being scared all the time thats part of what made me pick up this book in the first place. Also the ending kind of annoyed me in a way this book was very titer-toter of love hate kind of book I wanted to love it but could put it down easily enough. I then started to love it...and couldn't wait to get it over with. So...yeah last note? I love the maybe sex scene in this one

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