Monday, January 17, 2011

BR: Jellicoe road

Jellicoe Road review

Characters: Jude, Tate, webb, Fritz, Narnie, Jonah, Taylor Solid, real, emotional, funny These are the characters you know in life, because everyone has known a Jude, a taylor, a Tate, a webb, a Fritz, a Jonah, a Narnie at least once in their life. These characters have depth and emotion Taylor and Jonah's relationship was real is span over three years and a history together nothing seemed forced. Tate, jude, webb, narnie, and fritz these five friends are real. Real people, real summer friendship real friendship in general these characters are mind blowing and indescribable A+

Story: A game of war, gangs, separation, questions this story is everything and anything. One review stated it was violent and yes but its no more violent then “The outsiders” or what people read in the newspaper. The violence is a game, the “colorful” language is spread and even becomes part of the characters in a way. The story is a mystery and coming of age story in a way its magical and mystifying it sucks you in and doesn't let go till the end “whats the difference between a trip and a journey?” this book is a journey because you don't want it to end. The writing is mystifying and can bring about emotion in a way that is raw and real. This story is raw and real and makes you see everything in a different hue. A+

Cover: Eye catching and beautiful the colors really pop and the significant to the story

its perfect B

Rating: YA Young adult

Company: Harper teen

My rating : 5 of 5 I loved it. I loved the friendship, the story the visuals everything..just...everything

I kept track of the bad words for a while but then after chapter 20 stopped the bad words were basic and the F word only showed up no less then 12 no more then 20 times if that makes any sense and is was spread out enough that it didn't bother me as much though I did cringe every now and again. But the bad words weren't used because thats how kids talk. They were a part of the character and didn't deteriorate from the story at all. This story is raw and real and it shows how a little game can get out of hand, how history is imporent and friendship even more so. This is like the outsiders with out the gang wars or rumble this is...literature at its finest

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