Tuesday, December 28, 2010

YA vs Adult books: what makes them so different from each other?

After starting my very first “Adult” book (and loving it) I thought of some things one of these things was “what makes this unmarketable to Young adults?” well the politics and such the details etc but thats besides the point. So here is what I gathered from both

Young adult books

-Girls as main character/narrators

-Sometimes they are strong female characters other times not so much

-parents are either MIA,neglectful, or dead

-paranormal love or creatures

-Sexual tension sometimes very high

-very rarely is there sex however there can be talk of sex but that is rare

  • new kid in town

  • struggle for normality in romance, school, parents ect

  • blood

  • death

  • bad words

Adult books

  • paranormal creatures

  • love on the sidelines

  • lots of little details and setting up the world

  • lots of explaining the characters and their backgrounds

  • bad words

  • possible smut or erotic sex scenes

  • death

  • blood/gore

  • murder

  • assertive independent women

  • many many characters

Wow right? Thats a big difference right? So now this raises some questions and I think I have some answers

What separates YA from Adult books?

You mean other then the book shelves that clearly mark each section. Ok so the answer to this is demographic and attention span teens have a 15 minute attention span if a book hasn't sucked them in in the first 15 minutes then they won't read it. Also as stated the Gore, heavy detail and possible uncensored sex scenes as well but I think it's more the attention span reason? Look at high schools what the highlight of there day? Sex ed and that demo on why not to drive drunk. Yeah I don't think violence and gore could rile most teens now a days but I'm probably wrong

what are some binding elements in YA and adult books?

Both deal with the supernatural/paranormal and have some catch and some really amazing covers both have females as there lead and both tell a captivating story or fail trying

Some differences?

YA books tend to focus more on rush and time and the page flipping element, also the main females are normally very disney and “woo is me” or can't live with out there boyfriend. Also school, family, and relationship issues are heighten to the max. whilst in adult novles its eaither one side of the scale or the other either really compelling or really boring all in one book also the main characters are strong and independent or grow to become that way. Also sex and relationships are more...steamy hot tv soft porn sometime (or so thats what I think anyway) but not always but relationships are always an underlineing factor while something bigger is the main focus

What makes an adult book for adults?

For example I wouldn't hesitate to give a 17-18 year old the first book in the Mercy Thomson series but really it comes down to smut and how much sex is in it and how bad it is thats what makes Adult books Adult that and the little details

What makes an adult?

This is something me and my friend have fun talking about I think it has to do with how mature someone is I know a 12 year old who reads Stephan king as did my friend in eleventh grade it all depends how people see it. Back in Shakespeare's time it was perfectly fine legal and dandy for a 13 year old to marry a 25 year old or something to that effect so see its just about the mind set.

Are the covers a turn off?

Maybe but look at the covers below

an you tell which is an adult and which is a YA? ok ok yes you can but point is the covers can be a turn off but the YA ones are just as bad sometimes. and never judge a book by its cover remeber?

Could the demographic for YA read an adult book?

Heck yes if it is the right series that is and as long as they are mature about it

Best YA books that boarder on adult

Hush hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Thirst No. 1: The Last Vampire, Black Blood, Red Dice by christopher pike

So I hope this was intresting and I hope this makes others want to blog about the topic as well

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