Saturday, December 4, 2010

Xenosaga III: Kos-Mos Bikini Figure

Xenosaga III: Kos-Mos Bikini Figure

Third most popular animated series "The Witches of lyrical StrikerS" from the gunner wielding a gun-type device "Teana RANSUTA" appeared. Also at bulls are part of a proud, straight, single-minded in her personality. Six Mobile Division, the rear guard support and precise instructions from the tactical level, defeating indispensable to the growth of the matter can not continue to exist. But in her hands, "Cross Mirage" stance, is targeting a three-dimensional figure of heroic. Twin tail flutter together moves and costumes fly, Rin feel strong will look bright, devices such as sensitive to detail in modeling is full of attractions. # The device is 2 DAGAMODO gun mode and can reproduce the form, included two sets of arms to the left and right parts.Material: PVC. # Height approx 300mm.

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