Friday, December 10, 2010

weight loss (some basic things to take into consideration)

So its the time for confessions much  do you eat ,and do you keep a balance in your diet? we all know dieting is a huge problem and the only solution to struggle a lot and have restraint-dont even think to go to a dietician if you havent yourself ,take the decision to cut down on the amount of food you consume-.Firstly think that life is a big journal ,and through it you ll gonna face a lot of difficulties,so people never give up ,try till the end and you will prove yourself -after some restrictions to your daily needs-that you are powerful.Dont lean on your dietician to help you improve your relations with the sinful temtations your dish may contain,and be strong :) Believe in you and you will succeed your goal.As far as i am not a dietician the only think i can counsel you for ,it to exersice a lot drink lots of water, keep a balanced diet and eat lot of proteins.Try to avoid carbohydrates (bread ,chocolate cookies e.t.c) and focus on your plan...

istock_000002912142xsmallIf you feel that you are not able to cope with it by yourself try to join daily online programme that is going to work as your dietician.

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