Sunday, December 5, 2010

Waiting on Sunday night

This isn't a Waiting on Wednesday post (look at the title) This is boardroom/tiredness at 9:29pm on a sunday night However I do have book related news and a schedule announcement. So first the book news

So though a friend I found out this friend of his is trying to get his book published and happens to have a blog spot here The book sounds really interesting (however I think A majority of us have trouble reading white on black) and the trailer is epic. And everything you need to know is on his website

So whats up with lack of reviews thus far in december? I haven't been ignoring you people who read my blog I promise The library is just confusing is all and can't deliver books on time so thus I have no schedule of my own *claps* how *ev *claps* er I kind of have an idea for now read about it here I also have a piece of paper in a binder with oodles of book review stuff one of which is what reviews I have written I cross off when I post them up. furthermore place into account the speed it takes me to read a good book (2-4 days it it's short 4-8 days if it's longer) and in this case I'm reading four in a row not counting manga so I will need breaks (next break will be the 18th- 26th depending how busy I'll be) *shruggs* Really just keep up with that little link there since from this point on I have no control over anything book wise.

And FYI after the holiday's I'll probably take a two week break just saying a head of time.

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