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Sex, cussing and homosexuality: Wrong or right in fiction


Now on to the fun part young, strictly relgious, and CMP tend to shy away from books that have sex in it now in the world of ours thats almost a “taboo” topic to a pint However some YA books put it in there. Everyone freaks because All sex sceans are the same right? Here are two examples(not the whole scean depending how long it is) after those three I'll tell you what I think/see when I read them

Grace pulled the blankets up over us and we kicked off our clothes beneath them. As we pressed our bodies against each other I shrugged off my skin with a growl, giving in, neither wolf nor man, just sam

pg 294, Shiver, Maggie Stirfvater

it was not the lamps however that immediately caught my eyes but tess and adam tangled naked on the floor in front of the fire hollywood tv soft porn, Much pawing going on sucking and kissing and licking” - pg 127, the toll bridge, Adam chambers

Note: that scean goes on he explains how animalistic it seemed etc

Both of these are Young adult books yeah I kid you not The toll bridge is YA. I met the author and he talks of sex a little to much mind you I was seventeen while reading that and it as a different passige that made me blush. Both of these depict sex both of these are shocking and I accept them for what they are though teen sex is something do not like Maggie stirfavet pulls it off well and makes it seem magical and sweet very passionate and first time. While The toll bridge is more realisic and gritty, animalistic, If I were a mother to a Young adult (14-21) I would give them “Shiver” any time weather they be 14 or 19 the Toll bridge I would give them some where at 16-20 since it is a coming of age story and finding yourself. But some people would shun both books and keep their kid or themselves so sheltered that it will hurt the people in the long run if they never learn. Irony time? Any of us who are anime and manga fans are subjected to sex or sexual jokes more so then within books because “cartoons and comics” are for kids and parents don't pay attention. Also for us older fans on art sites we are subjected to it more then in books. Irony time will come again with Homosexuality

So bottom line with sex in YA books : unless it is hard porn, utterly or unnecessary graphic in anyway, or just there. Then yes censor it but if it is like what is in “Shiver” or just hevay sexual tension then let it be if you were raised poperly and or if your kids are then they will know right from wrong and know more about sex when they are ready no later no sooner


Example one

you did. You really went. You crazy basterd. I told you it wouldn't do any good”

pg199, linger, Maggie Stirfvater

Example two

burban Expensive shit”

Page 12 tiith, holly balck

Other then that the F bomb is droped many many many times

There is a diffrence there yet again the way Stirfvater Uses that word is a similer way you would hear it used In NCIS but in this case it's also used in a “brotherly term” between two characters. Yes another word would surfice and yes I did cringe when sam used that word once or twice but I didn't put the book down because of it. Now in example two and through out that book there is no reason for it they are just foul mouthed jerks. Within anime and manga there are bad words but it's not every other word and for the most part its fighting anime but sometimes it can be distasteful.

I personally don't like cussing but unlike sex which I am learning about and talk about and am accepting cussing will always be a turn off for me and always will be I hate the F bomb and hate foul words. I never type them in my stories or comics and never use them.

So bottom line with Cussing in YA books : Its there, and as much as good people try to avoid it there is no avoiding it since everyone uses it. This is something I would say cesor but in moderation if it is tasteful or like one or two bad words through out the story and its a good story I say let the kid read it. If it's overpowering the book and F bombs every other word then by all means pass the book up

and last but not least


First a little history so there is no backlash/flame later on. I grew up with anime and in a good catholic home now good doesn't mean strict like no harry potter by any means. With in anime and through my religion I learned that homosexual acts not the people themselves but the acts are a sin. And that Boy love in anime is both popular and not for me. I've watch torchwood and love jack harkness and ianto as a couple but hate watching them kiss. I have two lesiban friends and the one is My BOFF (Best online friend forever) sometimes I wish there was a dude almost exactly like her but w/o the past issues so I could have my soulmate etc etc. Point is when I say I tolerate that stuff I mean in real life and I'm slowly moving into literature though the gay kissing will..make me go blah. However I will always and forever despise It in anime and manga thats just how I am. So when you are thrown it in media day after day its understandable to not like it

But it's not going to go away I sadly have no quote examples on me sorry. But I do have examples

lets anylize what this person suppostly said “. But what made this review bad was the fact that the girl said the summary sounded so amazing and she really wanted to read it, however because of the gay romance in the book, it really turned her off. She even asked why authors have to put gay people in books and ruin them.” First a comment where in the bloody description does it even HINT at a Gay romance? So this will have to do first off not everyone is open minded or maybe they are strict religiously just because you won't read a book because something you don't like be it magic, gay romance, werewolves, vampires, paranormalness is the main focus is OK. That is fine however since we do not know how the person worded this it could have come off as ignorant and CM ish even if they didn't mean it that way. The last part is where examples come in I'm going to list six manga and six written books out of these six one or two may or may not have GLBT characters in them lets see if you can guess




angel star

the Toll bridge


the ghosts of ashbury high



A record of a fallen vampire

somedays dreamer

cardcaptors sakura

dengeki daisy

Drama con

Ok times up if you guessed any one of the books you would have been wrong if you guessed gravitation and cardcaptors sakura with the manga you would be right now by looking or flipping thought cardcaptors sakura you would never have guessed it but CLAMP is BIG on Soulmates of any pairing boy x boy boy x girl girl x girl etc and they do it in a very innocent way too. Point is you can only Tolerate don't hate

So bottom line with homosexuals in YA books : if it's the prime story then just don't read or comment about it in a public way rant about it in your jurnal at home but not on the webs. If it is a minor thing then enjoy the book or don't but ignore what you don't like if it's inbetween (ie a part of the plot but not the main part) then I don't know what to tell you

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