Thursday, December 30, 2010

New years blogaloutions

While looking though Blogs I found “Blogging and Reading Resolutions for 2011” by the Hiding Spot and at first I was like “phft forget that I already have two new years entries to type” But here I am making one while working on the other entries. So what do I want to do for these blogs?

  1. Change the BG and Banners

    So for 2011 I promise to try and change the BG and banner on CF and banner on GOTS why? Because it's a new year and for that everything should be shiny and new and a shiny new icon too I'm going to start looking and asking around about it

  1. Have a better schedule for my entries and reviews

    ugh right I have no schedule and thats not exactly a good thing when trying to make a fan base right? So this year I'm going to try to make a schedule to the best of my ablity but I have a better handle on my schedule and when I'll be at a keyboard and with book in hand etc. but NOTHING is certitude things can change but I gots a game plan

  2. Have more diversify in what I read (kinda)

    Similar to the hiding spot I to stick to YA books and manga I am breaking out of that a bit with the Mercy Thompson series and thats good but I realized while writing a post how I'm letting something stupid like homosexuality keep me from reading a great book so I'm planning on reading “Dash and lily's book of dares” However this won't come soon I have 24 books on my TBR list before then so this is a coming soon thing.

  3. Not be concerned/worried with when I get a review up or book read

    I'm a paranoid little thing who gets worked up when I don't post something and worry about something bad happening. But no more I'm going to let things flow and whenever I get a book done is when I get it done no more rushing or worrying just plain out fun books are going to be fun again

  4. Not be paranoid/worried that I'm not going to like a book right way no matter what

    This has happened many many times and normally my gut is right however this feeling normally happens when I get a book as a gift or buy it myself unless it's part of a series already know I enjoy. And I'm sick of it! So no more exceptions or worriers that I'll hate it (this applies only to book ones of series such as siren or something) so no more of that

Furthermore that is my five things blog related for my resolution idk what my actual resolution will be but eh w/e I got this done now to finish the others.

Also that challenge thing I started doing I quite some books I'm still going to read but just because they have been on my TBR shelf for so long now

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