Saturday, December 18, 2010

MR: Tuxedo Gin vol one

Tuxedo gin vol one


Art: Utterly enduring and adorable very 1990's shonen. The penguins are so cute and the girl looks classy the lines vary but it's clearly shonen art B

Characters: Ginji, minako. Ginji is a rough boxer guy who is hopelessly dedicated to minako it becomes funny when thats his motivation for everything, minako is your average girl next door who loves penguins. The characterization is really weak but most people will let this slide since the strong point in the manga is it's comedy C

Story: Very cut and dry comedy the story relies heavily on characters facial expressions and even the actions is humorous. But for what it lacks in a detailed story it gives us a sweet simple innocent first love story with penguins. If you love penguins and like this kind of humor then you will enjoy this story. Which is jam packed and will make anyone go “yay” “whoop” “aww” and “awe” at any given moment B

Cover: Minako who looks like tea from yu-gi-oh holding penguin ginji, say it now “Awww he's so cute!” C

Rating: OT for older teens

Company: viz action

My rating : 4 of 5 I love penguins and this manga made me smile though out. Thought the humor starts to get repetitive at times and hey how many comics do you know that has a main character penguin?

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