Monday, December 6, 2010

MR: Doors of chaos

Doors of Chaos


Art: Very gothic and richly detailed almost mirrior to the art in black butler except the blacks arn't as glossy in this. This is the mixed art like black butler and many other manga do not exactly shojo but not shonen eaither very lacy and detailed outfits but just as detailed fighting and gore (or a bit more

then in your run of the mill yu yu hakusho volume) A

Characters: mizeria, clarissa,rikhter,zelfa and as always many more Mizeria and clarissa are sisters one the key of closing and the other of opening as far as characterization goes? Mizeria is a girl trying to be brave to get her family back together and with clarissa there is nothing Zelfa is a jerk with a purpuse and rikhter is well evil. Nothing comes from theres characters no personality no explnation of why mizeria likes rikhter or how she is with her sister really not much of anything the characters are flat even if they are not drawn flat. F

Story: Very confusing with very little to go onsince no back story is explained upfront. From what the back of the manga says there are two sisters who are living key's to close these doors, a betral, kidnapping, a serch and a war, theres some mention about this power unlike most manga where it's shoved in the readers face this isn't. Which is a shame becuse unlike most shojo manga this would have done greatly with a background story or less complicated explnation. like 99% of manga with beautiful art the story is not up to par with the art inside. The stroy is complex so complex that it over shadows what would be an intresting plot the action sceans kind of make up for it but not really. D-

Cover:Absolutly stunning with the sisters and the guradins on the front with a door in the back back very mild colors and detailed very gothic like the cover for the laberanth however the art with in up holds to the cover for this one A

Rating: OT for older teens,violence,moderate gore, language, sexual sceans, nudity

Company: tokyopop

My rating :2 of 5 stars Thankfully it was not as confuseing as "the white tiger" thing but still not any better no background story and instead where just thrown into the middle of a plot which is two plots...yeah its confusing and not the best of manga out there don't let the lacy cover fool you this story has art but no story to back it up

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