Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy blogaversery!

Don't forget about my contest which starts today in honor of my one year old little bloggy

With 16 more days of 2010 you might be wondering what's in store right? well heres what I got

-Vampire (x3)

a combined total of five reviews however two need to be typed and one has to be written "aww just reviews? are you kidding me?" hey hey slow your roll see thats just what I have at the moment if all goes to plan you might have
- two more waiting on Wednesdays before 2011
-an anime about vampires
-YA vs adult books what makes them so different(Also to be posted on CF)
-my top five fave book series
-my top five fave manga series
- a wrap up of the year (will defiantly get out before 2011)
before 2011 that is if not well then you'll have them to look forward to in 2011

There happy now? -laughs- none of this is planned as to when so far I'm kinda winging it since I'm busy six days out of eleven so yeah will see how this goes right? and thank you to anyone and everyone who reads this, comments, enters my contest, just visits my page I'm greatful thank you

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