Thursday, December 9, 2010


So December 16th is my blog anniversary yeah hard to believe I've had this blog for a year right? But it is so and I have now thing is? The 16th is a school day and not just any school day but a final's day no less -Doom- so this is either really early posted however This contest will start on the 16th


So all you visionary's and artists out there what you have to do is redesign the banner and BG for My blog Creative fantasy and the banner for this one Ghost of the still sound fun? Because admit it how many of you are board with what I have now?What I would like is a banner design for here (GOTS or Ghost of the still) and a BG and banner design for my other blog CF or Creative fantasists best part? You don't have to know how to draw if you can take a photo or draw a stick man (and give me a description of what you were thinking for the character in your email) then perfect. what you DO need to know is color and what people like just ask yourself “what do I like about -insert website here-” and thats it really

How this works

  • Comment on this entry stating you want in

  • Click on the pic's of my blogs above or screencap them

  • then use whatever program you want or hand draw a design (people, animals, color, etc)

  • Then email me the submissions with the title “Contest redesign” at

  • Then I will look over all of them and pick one (I do however have the right to take hours of the week of the 18-26th out of course)


1.the art work or pictures for the BG must NOT interfere with the entry area

2.entry area MUST stay white (where the entries or reviews are)

  1. no fanart what so ever

  2. no neon colors or checker/psychedelic ness

  3. If you draw characters or stick people they have to be doing something I don't care what but I can't have them just stand there and look at me all day you know? XD

  4. Anything written/typed MUST be legible I have to be able to read it! So if you can't write with a mouse type it out instead

other then that go wild with it


One winner will be picked by how well the pic's represents my blogs winners will receive

  1. There art/picture/design redrawn/recreated by me and used on my blog crediting you for the idea at the bottom

  2. The winner will also revive both Elf realm the low road by daniel kirk and The unknowns by Benedict carey both are middle grade books heads up

Contest starts: December 16, 2010

Contest ends: December 27th, 2010 at 12:00pm my time

latest date to get it in by December 28th 10:00am

Winners will be picked January 1st 2011

Winners will be anounced : When I have time lets first see how the first three things go I will make an update on the 1st about this though

NOTE: I know its the holiday weekend ok! I KNOW how busy people may be on that particular week (I have a finals on the week of the 14th, a party, and then a whole lot of hoopla on christmas week) so don't freak I am NOT looking for fancy! I'll time myself doing a sloppy one right now 11:09am sunday-11:11am sunday see? Three minutes to make something sloppy so see? It is very possible to do this on a busy weekend and like I said hand drawn stuff is ok too! Really ANYTHING is ok with this

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