Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas post: The books of the past, present and the books of years yet to come



Well now that that is out of the way there are six more days to enter in my contest. With that book reviews! I have one to post but I won't be doing it till next week sorry. With my messed up sleep cycle (read, my friend had me up till midnight) and stress killing my side among other things I really can't focus on reviews and so happy holidays everyone I'll be back next week some time

oh the title right So I'm going to list the books of my christmas/winters past, presnt, and year yet to come

Books of my past

Wishbone! this probably was not the earliest book but I remember reading it around high school/middle school I think and loving it to death as well as frankinstine and oliver twist
the TV show got me in to books in the first place so its thanks to wishbone (and my parents and other TV shows) that I love reading as much as I do

yu yu hakusho Vol 4. This was the first manga I EVER bought and yes I started with vol four why? becuse I had been watching the anime and the anime was past this saga in the show so I already knew what happens and who the characters were. Its thanks to this manga that I kept reading, buying and eventually reviewing manga

Books of my present
There are A LOT these are only THREE out of six or so series of books I'm reading

a tie between Sand chronicals and + anima

Both manga are 10 vols long and both left a messge with me in some way with eaither something I could learn from and relate to

or a fun whimiscal story that proved that A. not all T for teen manga was "evil" or bad and that this is what manga is about

Both are an imprant part of my present reading and mind set even

is anyone suprised by this? ok ok so I started the sieres in 09 yes but tecniquly book two came out now in 2010. This book..oh...this book....I know I won't be able to find anything like it Maggie stiefavter has given us the greatest book that has serpassed twilight on a whole new level

Books of years yet to come
like the Ghost of things to come this part will just have pictures


I'll have one other post this week and that is a w.o.w

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